Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hey Clashers! Hector here coming at you with my thoughts on the first three issues of Static Shock. Ok! So Virgil and his family have just moved from Dakota to New York and Virgil has an internship with STAR labs. First day on the job, an experimental flight suit is stolen and the pilot/thief loses control. Enter Static, who manages to bring the situation under control only to see the pilot sniped right in front of him. Afraid of what the pilot might have told Static, the Slate Gang is sent after him.  Going along with them is a being named Virule; an energy based creature of some sort. After multiple confrontations, Static manages to turn Virule into sludge.

 This was a good intro to the new series. It introduced both Static and Virgil into the mix of things as well as the Slate Gang. It definitely had some setups for future storylines; like what’s going on with the theft of all this technology? Who’s this Pale face guy and what’s his connection to the Joke,r if any? Being a fan of the Static Shock cartoon on Kids WB, I’m liking the direction this series is going in and having Hardware as his mentor was pretty cool; didn’t see that coming at all. One complaint though. What up with Virgil’s sister dealing with a Ben Reilly complex I mean really DC. It’s one thing putting Clark Kent on Peter Parker’s level with the crappy apartment and all but ripping off the Clone saga for a side story come on. Well that’s all for now folks. Until next time friends, keep clashing!

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