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THIS WEEK'S IN # 1 - 11/30/2011

COMIC BOOK Solicitations:



Written by Christos Gage
Art by Rebekah Issacs
Price: $ 2.99

As Angel continues his quest to resurrect the dead by following leads he digs out of the Watcher's Files, Faith has second thoughts about supporting his seemingly impossible venture. A new ally warns her to weigh the consequences--good and bad--of Angel's endeavor. Meanwhile, amidst clubbing, mentoring, and slaying, Faith has her own concerns counseling a damaged and vengeance-seeking Slayer! There's pressure from all sides. Can Faith handle it?

ï The blood-soaked first-arc finale!

ï The Big Bads are here! 


Written by Mike Richardson & Paul Gulacy
Art by Michael Bartolo & Dave Dorman
Price: $3.50

Kir Kanos, the last surviving member of Emperor Palpatine's Royal Guards, has been "invited" to join a cadre of Imperial officers intent on returning the Empire to its former glory.

Meanwhile, the rising New Republic comes under fire when assassins put Kanos's adversary (and occasional romantic interest) Mirith Sinn in the crosshairs!

* Kir Kanos, Royal Guard and Imperial badass!


Written by Mick Harrison & Douglas Wheatley
Art by Dan Jackson & Pablo Correa
Price: $2.99

Caged fury! Desert raiders have captured Ember Chankeli, only to discover they have a tiger who can't be tamed! Worse for them: they have a Jedi on their trail!

But Jedi Master Dass Jennir had better watch his back, because a mysterious assassin andDarth Vader both want his head!

* Darth Vader is hunting Jedi!

* War in the wasteland!



Written by Rob Liefeld & Mark Poulton
Art by Owen Gieni, (c ) Rob Liefeld
Price : $2.99


Written by Jimmie Robinson
Art by Jimmie Robinson
Price: $3.50

Forget what you know about Bomb Queen. 100 years in the future, the world has become a utopian paradise. Governments and religion are at peace, but that tranquility is threatened when Bomb Queen is unleashed out of her slumber, however her return won't come easy when she learns the truth about the new world. A whole new series as shock follows shock for our favorite sovereign. And wait until you see who's joining the cast! 

BREED III #7 (of 7)

Written by Jim Starlin
Art by Jim Starlin
Price: $2.99

...AND IT ENDS WITH A LIE!' It's the conclusion to Starlin's decade-spanning Ray Stoner versus his demonic father battle! What more need be said? 


Written by Joe Casey
Art by Mike Huddleston
Price: $2.99

Just when things couldn't get any weirderÖ Just when the nightmare couldn't get any darkerÖ Just when it you thought it was safe to go back in the comic book store, it's the newest issue of BUTCHER BAKER! This issue: The envelope is finally pushed to the breaking point! 

CHEW #22

Written by John Layman
Art by Rob Guillory
Price: $2.99


Written by Phil Hester
Art by Sheldon Mitchell, Bane
Price: $2.99


The Darkness declares all out war against its most rebellious bearer, Jackie Estacado! With a small group of loyal allies, Jackie must face down an army of doppelgangers, a scorned woman from his past, and the very source of his own power. 


Written by Mark Sable
Art by Paul Azaceta
Price: $ 2.99

War-torn Afghanistan: The absolute WORST place for the dead to come back to life.

In the final issue of the first story arc, the decimated band of Marines and Taliban make their last stand and discover the REAL power behind the undead uprising. 


Written by Kurtis J Wiebe
Art by Riley Rossmo
Price: $3.50

 'LOST CHILDREN,' Part Two Morley is haunted by ghosts of his past that force him to face his fears about Green Wake. Violent unrest seizes the citizens of the once sleepy town and Morley is forced to choose a place to stand in the deepening social divide. 


Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Dan Leister, (c ) Tim Seeley & Mark Englert
Price: $ 3.50

'INTERDIMENSIONAL WOMEN'S PRISON BREAKOUT,' Part Two The woman's prison escapees are staking their claims on NYC! Cassie and Samhain are caught in the middle! While fighting the likes of killer ladies Dr. Weir, April Fool and Bomb Queen, they're also fighting the urge to knock boots! A little bit of sexy, and a whole lot of bloody! 


Written by Benito Cereno
Art by Ariel Zucker-Brull, (c ) Tim Seeley & Mark Englet
Price: $5.99

 In the Louisiana Bayou, the murderous ghost of Victor Crowley is maiming tourists in creatively horrible ways. But in his blind murderous rampage, he may have created something worse than himself! Now, Cassie and Vlad are back in New Orleans, and it won't be long before baseball bat meets hatchet and deformed mutant meets deformed mutant! GUARDING THE GLOBE writer BENITO CERENO teams with star-in-the-making ARIEL ZUCKER-BRULL for this momentous mash-up! 

HAUNT  #19

Written by Joe Casey
Art by Nathan Fox
Price: $2.99


Brothers Daniel and Kurt Killgore have shared an ominous power, but things begin to unravel - for both of them - when a past tragedy comes back to haunt them.

All-new action!

All-new enemies!

The new nightmare begins... NOW!


Written by Gerry Duggan
Art by Phil Noto
Price: $2.99

The war-weary soldier must summon the strength for one final, bloody battle to save his wife and son from criminals. 


Written by S. Steven Struble
Art by Sina Grace (c ) Jamie McKelvie
Price: $2.99

 'IN A WORLD OF GHOSTS' The Li'l Depressed Boy has weathered many storms while on the road with Drew Blood, and returns home only to find Jazz waiting on his front stoop. How will LDB react to the return of the girl who broke his heart? Also: why is the lock on his door broken? Featuring a cover by the impossibly dreamy PHONOGRAM artist JAMIE MCKELVIE. 


Written by Ron Marz
Art by Nelson Blake II, David Marquez, Sal Regla & David McCaig
Price: $3.99

Patience and Kristof's quest to recover a piece of the One True Cross takes a deadly turn in Mexico. Will Patience be able to recover the familial relic or will this mission make her just another statistic in a long line of Magdalenas? Another issue of world-spanning, high octane adventure from the fan favorite team of RON MARZ (ARTIFACTS, WITCHBLADE), NELSON BLAKE II (PILOT SEASON: MURDERER) and DAVID MARQUEZ (Secret Warriors, Days Missing)! 

MARKSMEN #5 (of 6)

Written by David Baxter
Art by Javier Aranda, Garry Leach, Jessica Kholinne, (c ) Tomm Coker
Price: $ 2.99

There is a time in all our lives when we finally see our parents for who they are. 6o years from now, Drake and Cammy find out about theirs in the midst of a battle for the lives of everyone in New San Diego. 'Disappointment' just doesn't cover it. 


Written by Jay Faeber
Art by Simone Guglielmini, (c ) Tomm Coker
Price: $2.99

arkham attempts to save a female Homicide detective. But will she accept help from the assassin she's been trying for years to put in jail? 


Written by Bryan Edward Hill & Rob Levin
Art by Tony Shasteen & JD Mettler
Price: $3.99

story BRYAN EDWARD HILL & ROB LEVIN art & cover TONY SHASTEEN & JD METTLER We ARE all lost! There will come a moment when Ray wishes he'd never met Alexis or the Men in White. Nor that he'd ever looked into the innocent eyes of Madeline. But most certainly, he'll wish that he'd never crossed Cyrus Kane. That moment isÖ now. 


Written by Dan Casey
Art by Thomas Nachilik, ( c ) Erik Jones
Price: $3.99

TAKE CONTROL! Charles Witten is a brilliant scientist capable of inventing devices that will change our world. Unfortunately, most of the scientific community thinks he's a crackpot. As does the government, untilÖ a precision team of heist men rob a bank in Switzerland using what appears to be Witten's dimension hopping technology. Technology that Witten designed, but never completedÖ Writer/director DAN CASEY and artist THOMAS NACHLIK (LAST MORTAL) deliver fast-paced, action-packed science fiction that will keep you guessing. 


Written by Owen Wiseman
Art by NamKim, Matthew Dalton, Sakti Yumono, (c ) Joe Chin
Price: $2.99

It all comes down to this moment... Three teenagers, the last survivors of a brutal betrayal on their clan, face an army with only the support of the Edo Ghost. All willing to die to enact their revenge. It looks like it may come to that. 


Written by Erik Larsen
Art by Erik Larsen
Price: $3.50

OVERLORD TRIUMPHANT It's Malcolm Dragon vs. his father's greatest foe! But what chance does a high school freshman have against Chicago's notorious crime boss?

And if that isn't enough - an alien invasion is on its way!

And Angel Dragon has problems of her own!


Written by Ron Marz
Art by Lee Moder
Price: $3.50

The key to destroying the vampire plague is almost within Shinku's grasp. But can she keep her new ally, Davis, alive long enough to actually use it? Blood splatters as RON MARZ & LEE MODER's martial arts and horror mash-up continues! 


Written by Jim Demonakos, Kyle Stevens, Howard Tayler, Zach Weiner & Jim Zub
Art by Joel Carrol, Mike Luckas, Ben McSweeney, Joe NG, (c ) Saejin Oh.
Price: $2.99

FOUR MORE TAVERN TALES' The Skullkickers tip back a few more pints and you're all invited along to the pub to toast their glory! This issue is another righteous Skullkicking short story cavalcade by killer comic talent JOEL CARROLL (Flight), MIKE LUCKAS, BEN MCSWEENEY (Joe is Japanese), JOE NG (Street Fighter IV), HOWARD TAYLER (Schlock Mercenary), ZACH WEINER (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal) JIM DEMONAKOS & KYLE STEVENS (Kirby Krackle) and JIM ZUB (that SKULLKICKERS comic thing). 


Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Jason Howard
Price: $2.99

story ROBERT KIRKMAN art / cover JASON HOWARD In the wake of the massive battle with Mega Raptor, Derek and Super Dinosaur must rebuild the Dynamo Dome, but the evil SQUIDIOUS has other plans! It's danger in the depths for our heroes! 


Written by Robert Kirkman
Art by Charlie Adlard & Cliff Rathburn
Price: $2.99



Written by Neal Adams
Art by Neal Adams
Price: $3.99

Written by NEAL ADAMS Art and cover by NEAL ADAMS 1:10 B&W Variant cover by NEAL ADAMS Batman's odyssey has brought him to the underworld, where The League of Assassins has been firmly established for decades! The League is liquidating its enemies to make way for the Sensei to take over his father's kingdom, and after that, the world itself. But if Batman can't conquer his inner demons and learn to save lives by taking them, he may forfeit the war to the League! 


Written by Rob Hoegee & Eugene Son
Art by  Min S. Ku
Price: $2.99

Written by ROB HOEGEE and EUGENE SON Art by MIN S. KU Cover by MIKE CAVALLARO While chasing the Pack through a dimensional portal, Rex ends up on another Earth and runs into its hero Ben Tennyson! The two heroes must team up to figure out what the Pack is up to and stop them! 


Written by Dwayne Mc Duffie
Art by Val Semeiks
Price: $7.99

Written by DWAYNE MCDUFFIE Art by VAL SEMEIKS and DAN GREEN Cover by BRIAN STELFREEZE Blink, the blind man who can see through the eyes of whomever he touches, is back in this story from BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #164-167! 


Written by Kurt Busiek
Art by Stuart Immonen
Price: $7.99
Written by KURT BUSIEK Art and cover by STUART IMMONEN Reprinting issues #3-4 of the original miniseries! Pursued by agents of his own country who want to 'draft' him into service, Clark has one overriding concern beyond his own freedom: The safety and security of his wife and children!

Written by  Marv Wolfman & Tom Taylor
Art by Bruno Redondo, Howard Porter & Livesay
Price: $2.99

Written by TOM TAYLOR and MARV WOLFMAN Art by BRUNO REDONDO, HOWARD PORTER and LIVESAY Cover by HOWARD PORTER and LIVESAY Following the cataclysmic events on Earth and Korugar, the Justice League regroups and begins an exploration of Brainiac's abandoned scout ship...will it finally reveal answers or will it be the final stroke of Brainiac's plan in conquering Earth? And how far will Luthor go to clear his name and save the planet? 


Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Mark Buckingham
Price: $2.99

In the conclusion to 'Inherit the Wind,' a successor to the North Wind is chosen - but the decision is far from unanimous. Meanwhile, Bufkin's rabble rousing high jinks in Oz has deadly serious consequences. 


Written by Art Baltazar & Franco
Art by Dario Brizuela
Price: $2.99

The all-ages adventure begins in this issue that sets the stage for the upcoming monthly series! Green is the color of will power, and one of the most powerful lights in the universe.

The Guardians have harnessed this power to create an intergalactic police force wielding green power rings. What happens when Hal Jordan and Kilowog find one of these rings abandoned in space? Has one of their comrades fallen, or is something even more sinister happening?


Written by Paul Levitz
Art by  Chris Batista & Marc Deering
Price: $2.99

Written by PAUL LEVITZ Art by CHRIS BATISTA and MARC DEERING Cover by TOM FEISTER In the 31st century, three teens from different worlds act to save prominent businessman R.J. Brande from assassination. Their courageous act will change their lives forever and tie them to a conspiracy threatening the fragile foundations of the burgeoning United Planets. Definitive Legion writer Paul Levitz teams up with Chris Batista to explore what exactly distinguishes the Legionnaires from the other super-powered members of their respective races. 

SPACEMAN #2 (of 9)

Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Eduardo Risso
Price: $2.99

From the Eisner award-winning team behind 100 BULLETS comes the sci-fi story of Orson, a man genetically engineered to withstand the harsh journey to Mars and finds himself trapped in a seriously harsher reality.

On the outskirts of the flooded city, Orson's on the trail of some bloodthirsty pirates. Seems they're both after the same precious treasure. The only difference is that Orson wants the treasure alive... 

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS VOLUME 2 #1 (of 6)

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Wes Craig
Price: $2.99

Written by NICK SPENCER Art by WES CRAIG Cover by ANDY KUBERT One of the most critically acclaimed series of the past year returns with a new #1 issue that serves as a great jumping-on point for new readers! What kind of people willingly become Super Heroes, knowing that their powers will eventually kill them? That's the question this new 6-part miniseries will explore as the team must face off against the Warlord and his Subterraneans! Nick Spencer (Morning Glories, Ultimate X-Men) teams with rising star Wes Craig for a twisted tale of super heroics, espionage, and action!


Written by Art Baltazar & Franco
Art by Art  Baltazar
Price: $2.99

Written by ART BALTAZAR and FRANCO Art and cover by ART BALTAZAR What happens when Robin is called away on a secret mission with Batman? The team will need a replacement! Enter: The Protector! Will he be welcomed with open arms? Or will someone like, say, Talon, have something to say about it? And where does Nightwing fit into all this?

UNCHARTED #1 (of 6)

Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Sergio Sandoval, (c ) Tony Harris
Price: $2.99

Written by JOSHUA WILLIAMSON Art by SERGIO SANDOVAL Cover by TONY HARRIS 1:10 Variant cover by ADAM HUGHES The critically acclaimed and best-selling PlayStation 3 video game jumps onto the comic page, featuring an all-new action-packed story written by Joshua Williamson (SUPERMAN/BATMAN) with fantastic covers by the legendary Tony Harris. It's just in time for the highly anticipated Uncharted #3: Drake's Deception coming in November! A quest for the legendary 'Amber Room' launches Nathan Drake on a journey to the center of the earth. As enemies from Sir Francis Drake's past come for revenge on his descendant, Drake must use all the skills at his disposal to stay one step ahead of the game!



Written by Chris Madden
Art by Chris Madden
Price: $3.99

Chris Madden (w & a & c) This is it! The conclusion to the explosive minseries finally pits Jack against his mysterious opponent as their search for the Eyes of Fate races to an action-packed confrontation! But with something much more personal on the line than just the fate of the world, both Jack and his enemies must hurry to reach the end of a decades-long plot with a showdown on a lost Caribbean island-where it all began. Explosions, black magic, a cave of the damned, and a duel to the death-it's all right here! 


Written by Joe Hill & Jason Ciaramella
Art by Zach Howard, (c ) Howard & Nelson Daniel
Price: $3.99

Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella (w) o Zach Howard (a) o Howard, Nelson Daniel (c) How do you measure evil? Hell-bent on destroying everything in his path, and fuming from his latest setback, Eric makes a decision that will push him past the point of no return. Explore your dark side.


Written by Mike Johnson
Art by  Stephen Molnar
Price $3.99

Mike Johnson (w) o Stephen Molnar (a) o Tim Bradstreet, Joe Corroney (c) The adventures of the new Enterprise crew continue in this re-imagining of the classic episode 'The Galileo 7"! Mr. Spock finds himself in command of a stranded shuttle crew fighting for survival, in a tale featuring the new cast from the blockbuster STAR TREK film! 


Written by Kevin Eastman & Tom Waltz
Art by Dan Duncan
Price: $3.99

Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman (w) o Eastman (layouts) o Dan Duncan (a) Duncan, Eastman (c) The climactic conclusion to the Turtles' triumphant return to comics! The final pieces of the Turtles' mysterious origin are revealed as the Turtles move closer to finding their lost brother Raphael. There's just one thing in their way... an angry, mangy mutant alley cat named Old Hob... and he's got an entire gang to back him up! It's a battle royale on the mean streets of New York and Turtles lore will be forever rewritten! Don't miss it! 


Written by Brian Lynch
Art by Franco Urru (c ) David Peterson
Price: $3.99

Lynch (w) ' Franco Urru (a) ' David Peterson, Urru (c) Following in the tradition of the original TMNT microseries comes the first of four stand-alone tales centering on each Turtle. Raphael's place in the world is uncertain and he can't shake the feeling that he'll always be an outsider. That changes when he finds another mutant, the arctic fox Alopex, who may have a new clue pertaining to the Turtles origin. Unfortunately she's too busy being hunted alive to share the info! Will Raphael and his new friend survive the night? The Angel: After the Fall team of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru reveal all! Well, some, anyway!



Written by George R R Martin & Daniel Abraham
Art by Tommy Patterson
Price: $3.99

Cover: Mike Miller Writer: George R.R. Martin, Daniel Abraham Artist: Tommy Patterson Colorist: Ivan Nunes One of the greatest epic fantasies of all time rises to dazzling heights in the third issue of this masterly graphic novel adaptation of George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. King Robert has come to Winterfell, accompanied by his Lannister queen, Cersei; her son, Prince Joffrey; and her brothers, Jamie and the dwarf Tyrion, called the Imp. In their train come intrigue, treachery, and attempted murder that will shake House Stark to its very foundations. Meanwhile, across the Narrow Sea, the marriage between Daenerys Targaryen and the Dothraki horselord Khal Drogo wins her brother Viserys a dangerous new ally in his quest to reclaim the Iron Throne. 


Written by Patricia Briggs & David Lawrence
Art by Todd Herman
Price: $3.99

Covers: Jenny Frison Writer: Patricia Briggs and David Lawrence Artist: Todd Herman Colorist: Mohan Charles and Anna face a grim choice as the killer werewolf strikes again. Stop the rogue, or silence an unlucky witness before he exposes them all! Can the wounded alpha wolf and his inexperienced mate solve the crime before they are forced to spill innocent blood? Or do omega wolf Anna's special powers offer a third choice...if can somehow master them in time? Alpha & Omega: Cry Wolf is more great supernatural adventure by New York Times best selling fantasy author Patricia Briggs. In the tradition of Mercy Thompson, it's filled with beloved old characters and exciting new ones from Mercy's world. Don't miss the thrills when Alpha and Omega come together! 


Written by Luke Lieberman
Art by Fritz Casas
Price: $4.99

Cover: Joseph Michael Linsner (50%) Lucio Parrillo (50%) Writer: Luke Lieberman Artist: Fritz Casas The final battle for the throne, the fate of an empire hangs in the balance! All loyalties tested and schemes lain bare in the final showdown between Queen Sonja and Emperor Antonious! 


Written by Robert Place Napton
Art by Roberto Castro
Price: $3.99

Covers: Joe Jusko (main), Francesco Francavilla (1-in-10) Writer: Robert Place Napton Artist: Roberto Castro 100,000 YEARS BEFORE THE TIME OF JOHN CARTER! A tribe of Red Martians attacks the Atmosphere Plant just as it's about to go operational. Meanwhile, the savage Warhoon march on the last stronghold of the Orovar -- the city of Horz--determined to wipe the White Martians from the face Mars. This is the penultimate chapter in the Fall of Barsoom! 



Written by Kathryn Immonen
Art by Al Barrionuevo, (c ) Gerald Parel
Price: $3.99

Written by KATHRYN IMMONEN Penciled by AL BARRIONUEVO Cover by GERALD PAREL A chosen son seemingly determined to simultaneously live up to and defeat his father's expectations. A brother who's influence he cannot abide but will never escape. Join Thor in Asgard for a timeless archetypal family drama played out against a cosmic backdrop where the human journey toward humility and compassion is also Thor's journey toward godhood and worthiness. 40 PGS./All-New Material/No Reprints/Rated T+


Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mark Bagley
Price: $3.95

The first creator-owned book by ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN co-creators Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, BRILLIANT tells the story of a handful of college-age geniuses who challenge each other to solve the mystery of superpowers. Can the best and brightest change science fiction into science fact? And if so, how will the world at large react?

BRILLIANT is a thriller of the highest order. It is a story of how true power can either destroy or protect the strongest of friendships. It is the story of how the world will react when our true potential is finally unlocked. This fast-talking, whip-smart new series will thrill fans of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, POWERS and SCARLET. The first award-winning collection of Bendis and Bagley's ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN has sold well over one million copies. 


Written by Mark Waid
Art by Marcos Martin
Price: $2.99
Written by MARK WAID Penciled by MARCOS MARTIN Cover by MARCOS MARTIN THE MOST CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED NEW SERIES OF THE YEAR CONTINUES ! Matt Murdock relives some of his late father's worst nightmares as Daredevil meets Bruiser, a fighter who can't be put down and won't fall! How will Matt survive--and how will doing so make him the most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe? 32 PGS./Rated T+


Written by Mark Waid &  Landry Walker
Art by M Takara & R Kamarga
Price: $5.99

Written by MARK WAID & LANDRY WALKER Penciled by MARCIO TAKARA & RAMANDA KAMARGA The Incredibles are back in a book-length adventure! Baby Jack-Jack gets a cold, and it's made his super-powers highly contagious! Whenever the super toddler sneezes, someone gets his abilities! When the super-family's enemies figure out the toddler's secret, they put the whole city at risk! Can the Incredibles find a cure for the alien virus, or will the newly?powered villains have the family at their mercy? 96 PGS./All Ages 


Written by Eric Shanower
Art by Skottie Young
Price: $3.99

Written by ERIC SHANOWER Pencils & Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG The Mangaboo Princess proves as deadly as the Mangaboo Prince. How many Mangaboos will the Wizard of Oz have to cut down-with sword or with fire-to save Jim the horse, Eureka the kitten, and all nine tiny piglets from being sealed alive inside the Black Pit? And what's the secret of the Invisible Valley? 32 PGS./All Ages 

FF #12

Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Juan  Bobillo, (c ) Steve Epting
Price: $2.99

Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Penciled by JUAN BOBILLO Cover by STEVE EPTING Fantastic Four 50th Anniversary Variant by SKOTTIE YOUNG 'ALL HOPE LIES IN DOOM' Part One The beginning of a 4-part arc that runs parallel with FOREVER in the Fantastic Four. We've teased it for years, now find out exactly how Doctor Doom and the Future Foundation will save us all. 32 PGS./Rated T+ 


Written by Rob Williams
Art by Matthew Clark , (c ) Arturo Lozzi
Price: $2.99

Written by ROB WILLIAMS Penciled by MATT CLARK Covers by ARTURO LOZZI The Ghost Rider comes across a town harboring a deadly secret and must stand judgment of a centuries-old crime. Can a Spirit of Vengeance show mercy or would she burn sons for the sins of their fathers? 32 PGS./Parental Advisory


Written by Fred Van Lente & Greg Pak
Art by David Hahn, (c ) Carlo Pagulayan
Price: $3.99

Written by FRED VAN LENTE & GREG PAK Penciled by DAVID HAHN Cover by CARLO PAGULAYAN Variant Cover by MIKE OEMING ENTER BABA YAGA! It's hard to be a depowered deity. Herc knows this, and yet remains a hero. His father Zeus, however, is having a rough go of it. Adding to their troubles, the assassin ELEKTRA has joined with the Russian mob to take some powerful items from their Brooklyn home, which doesn't sit well with the man they're stolen from... the KINGPIN! Herc and Zeus are caught in the middle, and their only answer appears to be in a house that walks on giant chicken legs?!? Herculean writers Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, along with artist extraordinaire David Hahn, craft one of delectable former demigod's craziest adventures yet! 40 PGS./Rated T+ 

RED SKULL #5  (of 5)

Written by Greg Pak
Art by Mirko Colak, (c ) David Aja
Price: $2.99

Written by GREG PAK Art by MIRKO COLAK Cover by DAVID AJA History, destiny, and tragedy collide, as young Johann Schmidt reaches his apotheosis...and the Third Reich climbs to the regrettable heights of its terrible power. A tremendous evil is unleashed on the world, and humanity will never be the same for it again. A powerful and sobering story of human evil reaches its chilling conclusion, by Greg Pak (MAGNETO: TESTAMENT) and Mirko Colak (SECRET WARRIORS). 32 PGS./Parental Advisory 


Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Declan Shalvey , (c ) Michel Del Mundo
Price: $2.99
Written by Jeff Parker Penciled by DECLAN SHALVEY Cover by MICHAEL DEL MUNDO Marvel Comics Anniversary Variant by PAUL RENAUD ARE THE THUNDERBOLTS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GRISLIEST MURDERS IN HISTORY? Great Britain, 1888: London is gripped in fear, afraid to go out at night as Jack the Ripper's body count goes higher. But one witness claims she saw an enormous man by a murder scene a man named HYDE! The Bolts' chase through time continues as Declan Shalvey returns! 32 PGS./Rated T+ 


Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Esad Ribic
Price: $3.99

Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Penciled by ESAD RIBIC Cover by KAARE ANDREWS Marvel Comics 50th Anniversary Variant by CHRIS STEVENS o The stunning climax to Jonathon Hickman's first arc in the bold new Ultimate Universe! o The Ultimates are officially back, but can they stop a threat more powerful than the gods? o With the world on the brink of destruction, how can Nick Fury stop this unimaginable threat? 32 PGS./Rated T+ 


Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Carlos Pacheco
Price: $3.99

Written by KIERON GILLEN Cover and Pencils by CARLOS PACHECO Marvel Comics Annivesary Variant by BILLY TAN X-MEN REGENSIS After the Schism, UNCANNY X-MEN starts over at #1. What is to become of XXXXX and the mutants who side with XXXX after the big split? And what does it have to do with the resurrected Mister Sinister? The hottest new writer in the business, Kieron Gillen (THOR) and superstar Carlos Pacheco (X-MEN: SCHISM, ULTIMATE AVENGERS) bring you the biggest and baddest X-Men you've ever seen. 32 PGS./Rated T+ 

UNCANNY X-MEN #544 (2nd Printing)

Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Greg Land
Price: $3.99


After the hammer-blow of FEAR ITSELF and the violence of SCHISM, it can't go on. It's the end of the Uncanny X-Men. And who better to provide a stirring eulogy than... MISTER SINISTER? Join us for the end of the industry-shaping series with the return of the 19th century's finest morally dubious scientist.


Written by Jason Aaron
Art by  Ron Garney
Price: $3.99

Written by JASON AARON Pencils & Cover by RON GARNEY Issue #18 Marvel Comics 50th Anniversary Variant by KHOI PHAM Powerhouses JASON AARON and RON GARNEY continue their rampage through the streets of Chinatown, as Loganstruggles to wrap up unfinished business in San Francisco. Journey to the stronghold of the world's newest, most powerful drug dealer... at the center of the earth, where Logan and Gorilla Man find a fierce new ally. ENTER: IMMORTAL WEAPON FAT COBRA! 32 PGS. (each)/Parental Advisory 


Written by Mike Carey
Art by Khoi Pham, ( c) Clay Mann
Price: $2.99

Written by MIKE CAREY Pencils by KHOI PHAM Cover by CLAY MANN Regenesis Gold Variant by NICK BRADSHAW Marvel Comics 50th Anniversary Variant by DAVID YARDIN SCHISM AFTERMATH! The X-Men are divided. As the teams part ways, Rogue, Magneto and Gambit attend to unfinished business, hoping to avoid answering the question: Whose side are they on? 32 PGS. (each)/Rated T+

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