Wednesday, December 21, 2011



Issue # 1-3

Written by Kevin Eastman 

IDW Publishing

by Hector Ramirez 

     Cowabunga Clashers! Got a nice little treat for you guys I’m reviewing the first story arc of TMNT as well as revealing my new rating system. So strap in hold on and get ready to clash.

        I will start with the new rating system; it’s relatively simple based on Batman and his sidekicks. Jason Todd being the publics lowest rated Robin, Red Hood is the lowest rating then it goes up to Robin, Red Robin, Nightwing, and of course Batman himself. Like I said it’s simple if ever I need to rate something between the two I’ll use an obvious in between for example a 4 ½ would be a Grayson Batman. And that’s it clashers any confusion just ask in comments I do welcome feedback.

                 With that out of the way, let’s get on to the heroes in a half shell shall we. First, I would like to say I grew up on Ninja Turtles and I love them. They’re my four mutant older brothers. I’ve seen all the movies. I love the cartoons and the comics and the newest ongoing series is no exception. The return of Kevin Eastman to the title is definitely big news; bringing back that classic feel to the book. Collaborating with a new team also brings some fresh ideas keeping it from getting stale and overly familiar drawing in new readers.

       The first 3 issues are a retelling of Splinter, and the turtles’ origin. The turtles and Splinter are test subjects for a mutagen being developed for a private military man by the name of, ready for it Krang. A team of ninjas breaks into the lab and steals the mutagen and inadvertently free the animals. The only witness the labs newest intern a young April O’Neil. A cat attempts to eat one of the turtles separating him from his brothers causing Splinter to rip out his eye and later for him to mutate into a new enemy. Splinter, Leonardo, Donatello, and my personal favorite, Michelangelo after full mutating retreat to the sewers as Raphael wanders the streets looking for food and shelter where he runs across a young Casey Jones getting beat by his drunken father. He saves him and in turn stays with him for a bit. And while patrolling one night they are attacked by the mutated cat, Old Hob and his gang just to be rescued by his brothers.

                   This story gets a Red Robin from me. It’s a good twist on things and yes the classic components are there and effective. At one point, Splinter mentions their mutation is in no way random or an accident and I want to see where they go with that. Ok, so there are two problems I have with these first three issues. First, why is it that every comic company has to have some type of super soldier program operating in the background? Can you think of any other reasons people or animals become heroes or villains? Another thing if they were being tested on with the mutagen the entire time they were in the lab, why did it take until that night to mutate when Old Hob mutated mere hours after being exposed to a secondary source of the mutagen? (Having Raphael in his mouth and Splinter’s claws in his eye) This new ongoing series is going to be enjoyable; I can tell with new characters and new twists on old characters and plot lines as it continues I’ll keep you posted.

        Hector out for now, thanks to all my readers for following since my debut this will be my last review for the year and I will come back big in January. So, until then friends, keep clashing!

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