Wednesday, January 25, 2012


And now, we got what we found awesome this week in comics.

CBC's Darryl "YTC" Carter: 

Darryll “YTC” Carter here and my epic moment for this week comes from the pages of Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes’ Batgirl #3.  867-5309 Jenny was playing on the radio and then I read this in the comic book… “For a good time call the Red Hood.” That had me rolling on the floor for at least an hour.

CBC's Hector Ramirez: 

My awesome moment this week comes from Batman Superman Vengeance when the Batmen and Supermen of the Multiverse combine into one entity to defeat the Maximum Maximum an entity created by combining a rip off Avengers team into one entity with the mind of their sorry excuse for Thor to see the combined cunning of many Batmen with the might of several Supermen and put that into battle with the powers of imitations of Hulk Captain America Spiderman and Thor with the Thor’s mindset it makes for a great battle. 

And Finally, EIC Frankie Rodriguez: 

 And from me this week, comes from the first issue of Christo Gage's X-Men Legacy run, #260.1. As we all know, Gambit had been hung up on Rogue for years and vice versa. But many things have changed. First, Rogue getting together with Magneto . . . for real this time in the 616 universe. Gambit told Rogue that he is her true love and her star or some such,  Heart of the Card.  Wait. I put that in the wrong place again. *sigh*  Well, All I have to say is . . .


And that is all for this week. See you next week Clashers! 

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