Wednesday, July 4, 2012

CoW: Cover of the Week 7/4/12


     It's me again BI readers, YTC, with a new cover of the week; Worlds' Finest #3. I was hoping it would have been GI Joe considering it's July 4th and all, but it didn't make the cut. What we have here are two fine heroines trapped on an alternate earth and some damn impressive fire. I usually don't post the full cover mock up cover, but the Worlds' Finest logo is frick'n awesome. "Death in the skies above Tokyo" really adds to the sense of urgency. We had the pleasure of meeting George Perez at Wizard Con this year. It was a real treat, I just wish I had this issue already so he could have signed it...

    In BI news check out the Silver Thorn cover by Pingyamasaki. You can check her out her at Deviant Arts. She did a great job and we hope to work with her more in the future.

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