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First Impressions: Bloodshot #1

Bloodshot #1 official cover


Bloodshot #1 

Written by Duane Swierczynski
Art by Manuel Garcia, Arturo Lozzi & Stefano Gaudiano
Valiant Entertainment

Review by Frankie Rodriguez 


      Valiant Comics started out back in the 90s and was it glorious. Using a mix of original characters like XO Manowar, Ninjak & Shadowman with Gold Key heroes like Magnus the Robot Fighter, Solar & Turok, Valiant had built itself up as the comic book company to beat for the number 3 spot; dueling with Image Comics at the time. Valiant folded and came back then folded again only to return in the present. And while no Gold Key characters are along for this ride, the relaunch of Valiant has shown us some of the great heroes of Valiant's past back ... such as XO Manowar and characters from Harbinger.

    Bloodshot, at first, seemed to be a clone of Wolverine and the Punisher. But once you read the adventures, you found a decidedly different character. Yet, This Bloodshot today is a brand new incarnation. New character so people can jump on easily enough. And why not? Writing this new incarnation is acclaimed crime novelist and comic book scribe, Duane Swierczynski (currently also writing Godzilla, Birds of Prey & of course, Bloodshot).

    So, how does this book measure up?

   So, let's see. I open the book. Ah. Information in the interior cover. Hmm ... some of this stuff is interesting. Let's see how the story reads. Okay. A drone flies in and ... wait. How do the guys controlling the drone just die? This is only 2 pages in. Wait. Okay. Here's our guy who ... get's hit by a ... WHAT THE HELL?! How is he still alive after ...? Wait. Wait. He can do that?! This is so awesome. Whoa! They are WHAT? !

    Um ... guy goes on mission and almost NOTHING is as it seems. NOTHING!
Readers, Meet Ray


     That last paragraph sums up what I was thinking while reading the book. And I can honestly say that Bloodshot #1 is GLORIOUS. You don't have a last name for this character in this book and there is a good reason for that. Swierczynski crafts at tale that you just have to read to believe. He immediately gets readers gripped into one mystery while we seem to get answers. Answers that readers will only end up asking more questions because of them. The only thing that seems to be consistent is our main character and even that is questionable.

    Readers meet Ray and learn of his unquestionable loyalty to friends and family. And that takes Ray deeper into more mysteries than we ever though possible. Swierczynski weaves it all well. Readers will want to more about the character and what is really going on, setting up multiple storylines and mysteries, all in one shot. Bloodshot's powers are more or less the same with a few upgrades and you will not believe what will happen. You will want to know what will happen next.

   Plotwise and characterizations are solid only to be matched with an insanely swift but fitting pace. This is not a quick read but rather this book is like driving a fast car and going from 5 to 200mph within seconds and possibly go faster. The book is an adrenaline rush on paper.


    Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi do an exceptional job with their pencils. There seems to be little difference in styles which keep this book flowing extremely well. Garcia and Lozzi should be very proud of their work as Stefano Gaudiano and colorist Ian Hannin; their ink and colors really give some stunning and horrifying panels that really help draw readers in.

  Shadows and lights are where they need to be. Emotion is easily seen and conveyed. Kudos to Garcia, Lozzi, Gaudiano and company for all their work. I was truly grabbed in by the work done in this book.

  Bloodshot #1 is a . . . who am I kidding. Bloodshot #1 is comic book crack! It is addicting. It is violent. It is puzzling. It is GLORIOUS. The characters are full of mystery. You get enough details to want to know more. The art is full of live and just makes you want more and more of it. You want to know Ray. You want answers. And Damn Swierczynski for making this wonderfully violent human weapon into a sympathetic, realistic man.

    You see this man take hits like Wolverine, yet it is not boring or expected like when you see it happen to Wolverine. There is a lot I want to say about the book but I will not spoil it. Swierczynski, Garcia, Lozzi and company have some great magic here. I am just gonna say this.

Buy it. Read it. Own it. Read it again.

With that, I give Bloodshot #1 5 bullets to the head ... out of 5. 

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