Sunday, July 15, 2012

IDW Announces "My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic" Comic

Artwork by Andy Price, the artist assigned to the new MLP comic
It's Comic Con time. Yes, time for oodles of news about comics, movies, video games, and whatever nerds are into nowadays, and that includes ponies. IDW has already published comics adapting Hasbro's other big hit franchise, Transformers, and since becoming a web sensation over a year ago, it only makes sense that they would take on the show about cute little ponies.

Katie Cook and Andy Price have been assigned to the book. Both are big fans of the TV show, so you can safely assume that the comic will be a labor of love. Katie Cook currently has a webcomic called Gronk, a series about a cute little monster that showcases that Cook can handle something like My Little Pony. Andy Price has drawn fanart of the My Little Pony characters before and you can see his artwork on his DeviantArt page.

The comic is expected to launch in November of this year. I can expect the comic to sell well due to the franchise's current reputation, and you can expect a review of it from me when it's released. (Via ComicsAlliance)

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