Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Crusaders Return to Print This September

New Crusaders Are Coming For YOU!

    With the success of the Archie comics' Red Circle super hero revival online, the comic book company has decided to bring the characters back to print. Heavily influenced by fan demand and the success of the blockbuster "Avengers" film, the New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes has been said that it will have something for everyone; not just for kids.

"What you'll see in the prints comics is, one of the neat things about the character The Web is that he understands people's connections," Archie President Mike Pellerito added. "We're using that as a great story device to figure out connections in history and everything else. And part of the editorial content of the first issue will feature those Web powers and how these strands tie together.

   The New Crusaders will focus on the children of the original Crusaders from the Red Circle line of books. Pellerito promises while the stories that came before in the old Red Circle line of comics do count, the books will be excessable; giving summaries or even parts of the old Red Circle stories in order to make sure readers have all the information they need.

 Leading these new group of heroes is one of the only surviving original heroes, The Shield, who was the first patriotic hero in the United States. Pellerito stated in an interview with Newsrama how important everything in the past was and that these comics will respect the past while paving a new legend with the current heroes.
  The New Crusaders will be pick up where their predecessors left off in the suburb of Red Circle. He commented again to Newsrama:

"The cool thing about comic books is it has this tremendous legacy that goes back forever, and all these stories that keep evolving," he said. "We think it makes the characters richer when they still have these histories."

  New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes will be written by Ian Flynn with art by Ben Bates. New Crusaders: Rise of the Heroes #1 will hit sleeves this Septembers. 


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