Friday, July 13, 2012

Toon Vengeance 7-13-2012

Welcome ladies & gents to "I Can't Believe It's Not Toonami" or what is now dubbed, Toon Vengeance. EIC Frankie Rodriguez here and this post will have a collection of shows. Call this an experiment if you will. Looking through Youtube, you find all sorts of stuff but we here at the Broken Infinite like to go a little bit further. I used to be the Station Manager and President of my college's student run television station, SSTV. And I miss being in charge of shows and movies to view. So I am gonna take it a step further. With Toonami back, a lot of people are thinking about all the shows that could be on it. This following mix are a group of shows that I feel could pass for a Toonami-style block and are available on Youtube. There will be one or 2 more similar like posts with different things to them later on but right now ... I want to see how this goes. So ... eight shows that are on youtube will be featured in every Toon Vengence post. Some you will know, some you will not. These are go give this shows exposure.People might find this a waste of space ... people might not. Feel free to say in the comments below. Let's get started.

Let Toon Vengeance begin: 

 First up, Chrome Shelled Regios - Episode 01


Next, We go old School with Ronin Warriors - Episode 01:

We follow that up with the never aired on television, English dub of  Gundam Zeta - Episode 01:

Next . ... we hit you hard with the Get Backers - Episode 01:

And now the cult anime classic, Outlaw Star - Episode 01:

Things get really crazy as our resident female badass comes in in Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit -Episode 1:

Time to fight with Tenjou Tenge - Episode 1:

And Finally, we round out our block with Ghost Stories - Episode 1:

And that is Toon Vengeance for now. What did you think? Did you like what you saw? Do you want more? Do you want different shows? Let us know. Till next time.

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