Sunday, July 29, 2012

UDON Strikes Back with New Street Fighter, Darksiders & Other Manga

While Comic Con has been done for nearly some time now, news is still filtering out of the convention. UDON has been rather quiet for the last year or so, with few artbooks and little manga. Yet now, UDON is ready to take the market by storm again.

Ryu giving Sagat a beat down. Punks jump up to get BEAT DOWN!
  We start with a brand new "Marvel vs. Capcom" hardcover artbook which sold out immediately at the convention which features tons of new art. It is now available at their internet store for $100 while pushing up the release of their softcover edition which will be $49.99.

 With this year marking the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter, UDON's Marketing Director Christopher Butcher stated that their will be 4 major Street Fighter related projects coming out. First up, was a brand new "Street Fighter vs. Tekken Artworks" artbooks, which has pictures, interviews from developers and more from the popular game.

   There will also be two new Street Fighter graphic novels. And while admitting they are not doing single issue comics, according to UDON managing editor Matt Moylan, there will be oversized graphic novels with 100 -150 pages a piece. The first will jump into the Street Fighter 3 era with " Super Street Fighter: New Generation." It will be an anthology series that will not only have Street Fighter 3 characters in it but characters throughout the franchise. The creative team for the giant anthology will be as follows "Skullkickers" writer Jim Zubkavich, Chris Sims, Jeffrey"Chamba" Cruz,  "Skullkickers" artist Edwin Huang and "Girl Seven" artist Omar Dogan.

   Moylan commented about the covers of "Super Street Fighter: New Generation" "The big group of seemingly random characters that are on the cover, every one of them is going to be in the book. Every cover is going to have a bunch of seemingly random characters, but they all tie in." 

   The other Street Fighter graphic novel will be an exclusive story detailing Akuma's life in "Akuma: Origins".

   The final Street Fighter announcement is the huge movie to post all of the previous UDON Street Fighter comics online ... for FREE! Yes! They started posting all of the Street Fighter comics in order in Street Fighter Oniline . While they are releasing issue #2 a page at a time, issues #0 and #1 are already fully up. And for free. So go visit if you want to read Street Fighter comics.

  The first Sonic the Hedgehog artbook published in English will be released from them this fall with " The History of Sonic the Hedgehog." 

   The first Darksiders artbook will be released this fall with "The Art of Darksiders 2" which will give more background to the game with plenty of art, including art from famed artist, Joe Madureira.

  Evangelion invades as UDON will release exclusive material from the original Evangelion from the creators will be released. The hybrid guide/artbook will detail the series and other elements that were not seen on the anime, the monthly magazine or anywhere else. There will also be artbooks based on the Evangelion Chronicles magazine - Evangelion Chronicles: Side A, which features the first half of the series while Evangelion Chronicles: Side B features the last half and the movies. Both books will be released in English this fall as well.

  Finally, UDON stated all of the following would get artbooks from them this fall: "DisgaeArt! Disgaea Official Illustration Collection", "Shining Force Feather: Design Works", "Read or Die: ROD Official Archive", "The Art of Brutal Legend"," Shining Hearts: Collection of Visual Materials" & "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi-ism". They would also be releasing original manga/graphic novels including  "Captain Commando", "Apple Selection" and "Makeshift Miracle." 

  Keep an eye here for more updates!

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