Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whilce Portacio & Glen Brunswick team for Non-Humans

  More news from San Diego Comic-Con as it was announced today that Image Founder, Whilce Portacio will team with "Jersey Gods" creator and writer Glen Brunswick for a new 4 issue miniseries called Non-Humans from Image.

   Non-Humans details the story of what happens when a NASA probe returns from space with a disease that brings our toys to life and its affects in that future as it fast forwards 26 years later to see how humans live with their now sentient living play things.

   The new miniseries will feature life of the toys and how they are treated in this new future.

Brunswick commented to CBR:

"One of the basic questions that "Blade Runner" asks is, "Are androids actual beings or merely constructs?" It leaves the viewer with plenty of misgivings about whether or not society has the right to eliminate them -- perhaps, in fact, they are too human to kill. Non-Humans are created much in the way that a human mother gives birth to her child. That is to say that they come from us -- the stuff or DNA of our brains. Somehow our personal traits are combined with a spark of life that allows our toys to become sentient. In effect, these live toys are even more human than androids since they actually are a reproductive product of us. Which begs the question, "Does society have the right to eliminate a new partly human life form if it may pose a threat to society?" A good number of Non-Humans are full of anger and violence -- they are deemed a threat. Under these circumstances, the police are ordered to hunt them down and destroy them. On the other hand, some Non-Humans function quite well in society -- once they are registered they are allowed the limited rights of an oppressed minority."

And Portacio added about his collaboration with Brunswick in CBR:

"What attracts me to Glen's style is he is great at establishing a strong premise that instantly evokes images in peoples' minds and that invokes me to ask a lot of 'world building' questions. At my core as a creative I am immersed in Science Fiction and world building. Glen has the confidence to create such a solid premise that allows me to fill in all the details visually, to make this world live and breathe. In fact, throughout we have had hours and hours of conversations just building all the societal structures, how and why they would react to Non-Humans. What would society allow or not allow Non-Humans to do. Even their religion of sorts. We even figured out a philosophy they would naturally develop because of their experiences. We also built layers of different classes of Non-Humans and how they would implant themselves into society. We have so much background that the hardest thing was to edit out what we didn't need at the moment to tell the core story. But if you look at the book and read the script carefully you will see we hint at everything. We meshed so well in building this world we could go for years telling varying stories of how our humans and Non-Humans live and survive."

 And this will not be the normal cute and cuddly story. Buddy-the-Bear is a teddy bear who is a drug dealer while there is a Victoria Secret Mannequin whole will have a toy dog and a Goth doll girlfriend. So, clearly, this will be an interesting future. Non-Humans #1, written by Glen Brunswick with art by Whilce Portacio will hit stores this October.

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