Friday, August 10, 2012

A Rolling Review: SH Figuarts Makai Knight Garo

This is a Figuart review for Garo. Garo had his own show in 2005 and it was short lived to only one season. In 2010 it got a new start with a movie and new series. The figure however is amazing from its Gold Makai Armor, to its Fanged Wolf design, the details on this figure is incredible! Garo comes with a few accessories his sword and sheath, along with his cape. A small issue that annoys me is the eyes are small so their details aren't there, and his mystical ring Zaruba isn't painted silver. This figure is great and worth the buy, I kind of wish the other figures from Garo weren't all exclusives but what can I say? So that's all for now, check out my current videos, upcoming reviews or V-logs, and a facebook Toku-fan page:

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