Friday, August 3, 2012

A Rolling Review: SH Figuarts Shinken Red

The long awaited SH Figuarts Shinken Red review! It's almost been like 2 months since I got this and I'm in love with the Figuart. This Figuart is pretty amazing for being the 1st Sentai SHF, the only issue is the fact that the figure has that shoulder issue. The shoulders have broken on several other people so I'm aware to be careful with it. Shinken Red, comes with alot hands a Shodophone in Brush Mode, Shishi Origami, and Shishi Emblem along with the Shinkenmaru and Rekka Daizanto. The Disks are removable from the weapons but they aren't able to be switched about. Anyways the Kuroko is pretty useless but I plan on keeping it!

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