Friday, August 3, 2012

Archer and Armstong #1 Review

Welcome again readers of the Broken Infinite to another comic book review. This time, I'm looking at the comic Archer and Armstrong published by Valiant.

Archer and Armstrong is part of the Valiant relaunch where the characters of the Valiant universe are re-introduced in new number 1s.

If you didn't know Archer and Armstrong has been around since 1992. It's a sort of buddy comedy with paranormal elements to it.

Well, that was the original Archer and Armstrong anyway, what about the new Archer and Armstrong?

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Archer and Armstrong starts off with a fight happening thousands of years ago at the ancient city of Ur. A few men are seen arguing over using a mysterious, and shown within a few pages shown to be, extremely powerful device. One of the men, named Ivar, starts to fight to prevent it from being used but it's too late.

After that, fast forward to present day. We see a man named Obadiah fighting other people with a variety of martial art styles in a secret place located somewhere inside an amusement park. Apparently, the fights were a test to see who would go out on some "holy mission" to destroy someone they call "he who is not to be named" and give him some artifact that is supposed to track him down.

We then see the boy in New York and well, without spoiling let's just say his world gets flipped upside down.

The story is intriguing to say the least. It has twists and turns that make you want to keep reading, and when you want to keep reading then I have to say the comic did its job. It also does all these twists and turns in a way that doesn't insult your intelligence it doesn't try to come off as totally convoluted or complicated but it does keep you guessing. Well, if you're new to reading Archer and Armstrong anyway. If you've been reading Archer and Armstrong before, you could probably guess where everything is going. However, the origins here do differ from the original. There's mysteries. There's character development with Archer. And, of course, there's comedy and action. Most people really can't say no to this comic based just on what it's about.


The art looks clean and though it does look like a lot of other comics I've read, it's not bland. Matter of fact, I have to say there are some stylish elements that make it stand out. It's not really in the scenes where only dialog is happening; though there are some moments where it looks pretty stylish but it's definitely in the action scenes. With Archer being a martial artist that knows so many styles, the art had to look stylish to reflect all the different things he's able to do. When reading this comic, try and take a longer look at the action scenes and take in what's going on.


The characters in this comic are pretty memorable. Archer's parents and well, what they do . . .again don't want to spoil it. Archer himself and his reactions to the city of New York and his outlook on the world from his sheltered point of view. Armstrong is also pretty memorable as a big guy who loves to drink and have fun, and is incredibly strong. You really can't do wrong here either.


I'm sure you know of two best friends who had a big strong guy and a smaller smart guy. Heck, you might've been one of the two yourself with your friend. I know I was back in high school. Well, Archer and Armstrong really is about two buddies who are great at what they do and are even better together. I can't see why a fan of action and comedy would want to skip on this book. Pick it up. After reading the first issue, you will want to get the next one; you just can't leave Archer and Armstrong's story. It's too intriguing.

Archer and Armstrong gets a 9 out of 10.

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