Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rob Liefield's Bloodstrike coming to theaters.

Courtesy of Variety, Rob Liefield's 1993 comic "Bloodstrike" is making it's way to the big screen thanks to both 1984 Private Defense Contractors production and the creator's manager, Brooklyn Weaver. 

Unlike the comic's original concept being about:  "A group of revived top-secret agents/assassins who work for the government's Project: Born Again". The film's premise will be of: "A team of super-soldiers who were revived through vampire blood and are feared by all"

This past April, the comic was revived by Tim Seeley (Witchblade, Hack/Slash) for the Extreme comics' revival line of comics that started in January  2012. The '93 original was created by writer-artist, Rob Liefield (X-Force, New Mutants, Youngblood)

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