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Silver Thorn # 2

Issue #2, Volume 1
Rated  R
Created &Written by Frankie Rodriguez
Cover by Jake Estrada
August 2012

"HARSH SPRING, Part 2: The Flourishing Rose" 

Kelsey Crusher Hospital, Room 541
July 7th, 2012
Condor Falls, NV

  Day is slowly becoming night within the confines of Condor Falls. Yet, the activity is happening right now in Room 541. Plaster breaks as suddenly, a body is thrown up against it.
   Rose Tendou-Riley slid down the wall. Her once brown hair was rose red yet, some of it was still clinging to the wall where her back was pressed against. Rose gazed at the Q'in before her. The purple hued alien lowered her hand, which held some kind of device. Rose's left arm, shoulder and half of her torso and chest were now covered by some mysterious armor.

    The Q'in known as Grimes spat, "I'm gonna to crush you then take you back to the Overship for full examination and reprocessing."

   "Not going to happen." Rose lifted herself back to her feet. She saw the gun she had dropped earlier. With a quick roll, Rose grabbed the gun and aimed it at Grimes. Grimes began a low chuckle.

   "Do you think that think will really do harm to me?" Grimes folded her arms, as if waiting for Rose to make her move.

   Rose smiled a moment."Won't know till I try." Three rounds were fired. Three rounds made their way to Grimes chest, only to be struck down by a forcefield created by Grimes's device.

   "Sorry there, sweetie. Not going through my pressure field.Nice try though," Grimes stated then threw her arm downward in an arc. A sparking golden arc of air and energy came at Rose. Rose ducked to the right; the arc slicing into her tendon a little. Blood spit out from the cut only to get sealed by more silver liquid metal. The arc sliced the bed in half and broke through the window.

    Rose rolled to her feet again, glancing outside. " Wow. A big hole and you making a lot of noise. I am guessing with you in that ... disguise, you aren't supposed to be seen."

 "Sit still so I can kill you or knock you out!" exclaimed the furious Grimes.

  Rose performed a cartwheel away from Grimes' next attack. The faux-nurse began to wake up; her eyes locking at Grimes' true form.

   "What the hell are you?" the faux-nurse exclaimed.

  Grimes whined, " Why did have to wake up now?" Grimes then discharged another arc at the faux-nurse, severing her head from the rest of her body with a clean cut.

   As her head rolled to the side, Rose bit her bottom lip then aimed her gun at the light fixtures. As the light exploded, Grimes allowed the shards to hit her, blinding her for a moment. Rose quickly run up the wall furthest away from Grimes and jumped out the door.

   "I would say it's been fun but seriously, it's not." Rose began to run down the hallway, going past a few orderlies. Grimes walked out.

  One of the male orderlies exclaimed, "Oh my god. What is that?"

  "You're boss, Jacobs." Grimes answered, letting another arc loose from her weapon.

   Rose quickly tackled the nearest orderly down while  the arc sliced through a group of orderlies. Jacobs and several of his fellow orderlies lied dead as Grimes stalked her way towards Rose. Rose turned to the orderly she saved.

  "Crawl the hell out of here!"

   The orderly ran off while Grimes neared. Rose got to her feet again and flipped behind a table as Grimes let loose another arc. Rose slid to a table where a bunch of food and pens fall to the floor. Rose grabbed a  twinkie covered up and opened in. Rose downed it quickly.

  "Oh God. This is the greatest twinkie EVER!!!" Rose flipped upward, kicking the face of Grimes. Grimes growls for a moment then releases an another arc of energy at Rose. Rose rolled forward, avoiding the arc. Grimes quickly rushed Rose, spearing her through a nearby window, into another room. The patient in the room began to scream, horrified by the alien. Nurses, doctors and police swarmed to the near by room where Grimes and Rose rolled around on the ground.

   Grimes was kicked away for a moment as cops pulled out their guys.

  The first cop shouted, "I don't know what the hell you are but freeze!"

  The second cop added, "Both of you move anymore and we'll shoot!"

Grimes merely gave a quick scoff then blasted an arc at them. Rose yelling out, "Get down!"

   Some of the nurses and one of the doctors heeded Rose's call quickly enough. Unfortunately, Most of the others and the cops were killed instantly by Grimes' energy arc, severing the people in half.

 The officers guns had fallen to the ground. Rose swiftly grabbed the patient, leading him out. She then picked up the two guns, firing away at Grimes while covering the people who were still alive.

   "Get out of here! Run and don't look back!" Rose's command was quickly executed by the people still alive. Grimes shook off more bullets as some did make it past her arc field.

  What does it take to bring this bitch down?!

   Rose began to run, still providing herself cover fire down the hall while Grimes slowly walked forward. One of the bullets were able to finally pierce into Grimes' flesh, letting dark purple blood ooze out.

   "Oh ... you will pay for that! I will enjoy ripping you apart with me bare hands!"

 Rose looked around her as most of the people have escaped behind her. She glances at a wall with a fire extinguisher on it.


 Rose smiled as Grimes came closer. "You know . . . this is certainly not the way I thought I'd wake up. But still, you are pretty damn fun."

  "I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. When I rip your uterus from you with my hands, I am sure you will find that to be pleasurable," proclaimed Grimes as she stalked ever forward.

   Rose replied, "Maybe. But you know ... I was thinking. Why  are you so hot headed?  You really need to cool off."

Rose quickly threw the fire extinguisher at Grimes then quickly shot a bullet at it. The extinguisher exploded ... providing cover for Rose as she ran out. Grimes was merely blinded by the extinguisher's chemical smoke.

Rose made her way down the steps, going out onto the floor below the one she just came from. As she moved down the hallways, doctors, nurses and patients moved passed her.

  One doctor asked her, "Miss ... what is going on? why are you ...?"

    "Now's not the time," Rose interrupted. "Get everyone off this floor right now!"

   "The police will be here soon and if you don't .. . " the doctor stated.

    Rose glanced at the doctor. "I don't have time for explanations but tell the police to call the SWAT team and the Army in on this. Now run!"

   The doctor and several of his patients were about to go out of the door when they were suddenly hit by a hail of bullets. Their bodies fell as Cesar Monticello and four of his men flanked him . Cesar and Rose locked eyes with each other.

   Cesar grinned for a moment. "Well, well. Looks like that bitch failed but I get the pleasure of killing you myself."

   Rose's gaze shifted directly at Cesar.

     That son of a bitch! God ... his timing sucks right now.

  " Gotta admit Rosie-doll ... you look good for a woman who was burned, broken and in a coma," Cesar proclaimed with his cheshire smile.

    Rose answered back, "Yeah. I do. You are look like a scumbag as always. Seriously, I would love to stay here and kill you but ... I got better things to do right now."

  Cesar laughed for a moment then his face turned dead serious. "Shoot the bitch."

  Cesar's men began to shoot at Rose as she ducked into a nearby room, avoiding the bullets. Rose held her gun close to her.

   Oh yeah. This is how I want to start every day that I wake up from a coma. Aliens and mobsters trying to kill me. 

On Harry Truman Highway
July 7th, 2012
 Condor Falls, NV

    Parker was speeding down the road in a black mini-coop with Baxter on the passenger seat. Baxter pushed in the last bullet and slammed the rounds into her gun. Parker glanced over a second after speeding past a car.

   "Getting ready for war?" Parker inquired.

  Baxter answered back, "We are getting ready to meet Rose ... with the distinct possibility of seeing Cesar Monticello. I'm not taking chances."

   Parker nodded. "I brought my semi-automatic with me. It's in the trunk."

  "Now who's ready for war? I know you are anxious Parker but you need to keep a level head when we go in. We might beat Cesar there," Baxter calmly stated.

   Parker chuckled for a moment. "If you believed that, you wouldn't have just loaded your gun. Look, I'll be fine. as long as Rose is fine."

   "You know, blaming yourself for what happened to Kyle isn't going to help ..." Baxter started when Parker interrupted.

  "Don't ... go there. Rose being okay is all I care about."

  Baxter sighed. "If you are gonna be all chivalrous, that's fine. But knowing Rose ... she might take it as an insult."

  "As long as she's alive to want to beat me up, I don't give a damn. I let her and Kyle down before. I am not going to let them down again."

  Baxter noticed the determination in Parker's face and voice. There was not a shred of doubt in his mind. Baxter looked forward then touched the radio. She turned to the first clear channel when . ..

   ... was an explosion in the Kelsey  Crusher Hospital mere moments ago. Police and emergency response teams are heading there now as patients and staff are spilling out of the hospital in panic. Some staff and patients account for armed gun men while others say a purple hued being is in the hospital. More on this story as it . ..


  "Shit ! Cesar is already there. We've got to get to that hospital," Baxter said then was thrown back to her seat as Parker quickly pressed the pedal down.

FBI - Scion City Division in the old Scion Herald Building
July 7th, 2012
Scion City, FL

   Crane was going over all information on all the recent activity on the sell of Trinity. Victor entered the room, taking off his sun glasses  and placing them on his shirt while holding a bag with his other hand.

   "So, after talking with this one beautifully, messed up hooker, I found out that there have been a slew of upcoming  Trinity Parties," Victor started to explain as he grabbed a soda from the bag he had. He passed one over to Crane. "And these parties are gonna be held in all sorts of spots in the city and outside of it."

  "Underground Trinity parties aren't anything new, Vic," proclaimed Crane as he typed in data.

 "They are when they are gonna be personally hosted by Ren Pizzimenti."

   Crane stopped talking and smiled. "Well, that is new.Wonder why Ren is decided to be so openly active with these parties?"

  "Probably a big draw for addicts to come," Victor replied.

  Crane went back to typing. "Maybe. But that would call attention to police ... but most of them are being bought off by the Monticellos anyway."

  Victor took a gulp of his soda."Yeah. Still, Ren making personally appearances is big."

  "I still smell trouble with that," Crane started as he typed in some information. A smile quickly came to his face. "Ah . . .interesting little tidbit here. There have been sightings of Lucien Winters over in Brazil and even in parts of Africa."

  "Still think it's Winters huh?"

  Crane nodded. "He's the most likely candidate. Plus, there seems to be a lot of traffic with him and Trinity in some shape or form. From little conversations to news articles ... Trinity seems to follow Lucien somehow."

  Before Crane could continue, a window popped up on his screen. Crane's eyes glances it over. "Oh shit! Vic ... get the boss in here!"

  Victor quickly leaves and returns with Chambers. Chambers spat, " This better be good Crane. If this is about Rose or the Monticellos ..."

 "It ain't. It is about the "other" thing," Crane moved aside to show Chambers.

 Chambers quickly exclaimed, "Oh fuck! When was this sighting, Crane?"

 "Just about five minutes ago," Crane started. "Looks like they are back in the states."

Victor shot up an eyebrow. "They who?"

 Crane answered back, " The Breakers Vic. The motherfuckin'  Breakers."

Chambers fist clenched as he was about to turn away. Crane popped up out of his seat, grabbing Chambers. "Whoa boss-man. Where are you going?"

  "I'm getting the first ticket to LAX. I'm going after the Breakers," Chambers started when Crane's computer  popped again. Both men return toward it, with Crane jumping on his seat. Victor joined them as they got the news of the explosion at Crusher Hospital.

  "Oh shit! This is bad," Crane started. "That came from Rose's room from the looks of it."

Chambers and Victor merely watched as Crane brought up more information.

Kelsey Crusher Hospital, 4th Floor
July 7th, 2012
Condor Falls, NV

   Rose leaned against the wall, close to the doorway to the hospital room she ducked into. Steps were becoming more and more apparent as she held her gun up close to her.

   Okay. I was just fighting an alien and survived. Now, I am about to fight some mobsters. Damn. This is just how I thought I would spend my day.

   Rose turned around, letting her finger push back on her trigger; letting several rounds strike and hit two of Cesar's men who were coming at her. As the men fell to shots on their shoulders and hearts, Cesar and his own men ducked Rose's bullets till . . .

  *Click. Click. Click.*

  Shit! Out of bullets. Maybe I can . ..

Cesar and his men released another shower of bullets but Rose returned to the room she hid in. Cesar held up his hand to tell his men to stop shooting.

  "Well, well Rosie-doll. Looks like you're outta bullets. Why not come out and come give me a big kiss?" Cesar's voice full of joy as he spoke." I definitely like your outfit. Were you planning on becoming a wrestler?"

  "Oh you know me? I want to be women's champ and all that. Still, when I am feeling a bit better ... we should have date. Me wearing a killer new outfit ... you in an orange jumpsuit ... like your brother Donnie."

  Rose's words cut into Cesar. He spat back, "You fuckin' cunt! I am gonna get you for that!"

  Cesar had his men start to step forward, inching closer to Rose. Rose took a deep breath.

    There are three of them. I can take three of them. Well ... I can take two of them. Cesar is gonna be hard to put down. And I still haven't seen Miss Alien chick again. Which is kinda creepy all things considered. And where the hell are the police? The army? Fuck it. I will have to take down these guys on my own.

 Rose goes out, grabbing the arm of the first henchmen and hits down hard with her armored arm. The spikes  drove themselves into the henchmen's skin while shattering his arm. Rose smashed her armored elbow into the face of the other henchmen, breaking his nose. Cesar came in, kicking hard on the exposed midsection of Rose. Rose quickly fell to the ground.

   "Oh yeah! That's where you belong. On your fuckin' knees. Hold her down while I teach this bitch a lesson," Cesar commanded. The one henchmen did while the other one cried out in pain cause of his broken arm.

 "The bitch broke my arm."

  Cesar yelled to him,"Get over it! She won't be a problem much longer."

 A voice from behind the men replied, "I'm afraid I'm gonna have to disagree."

   Cesar turned, holding Rose's exposed arm and face while they all looked at the Q'in in front of them. The henchmen with a broken nose stated, "Wha da fuck is dat ..."

 And arc of energy cut the henchmen vertically in half and the henchmen fell to the ground, letting blood leave him like a rushing waterfall.

   Grimes growled, "Give me that woman and you get to live."

   The other henchmen with a broken arm cried out in fear while Cesar just began to pout. "What the fuck do you want? This bitch is my prey! Get your own."

   The other henchmen exclaimed in fear, "Boss ... do you know what the fuck that thing is?! Let's get outta here."

   Rose just continued to leave her gaze on the ground. Shit! I got an alien after me and I got mobsters up my ass. What am I gonna do? If only ... I had a gun . ..

  Suddenly, the metal that was covering her left arm and shoulder began to come to life. Rose winced slightly as the metal began to reshape around her hand. An Oval shape surrounded the hand as some of new bard wire attacked to the shape. A giant barrel had been created with the metal that was now as much a part of Rose as her own blood. A redish purple light began to radiate from the new cannon on Rose's hand.

   Holy shit! I've got ... a big ass gun!

  Rose smirked for a moment then looked at both Grimes and Cesar. "I'm sorry to disappoint you both but neither of you are keeping me today. It is time for me to go."

Grimes ' eyes widened at Rose's cannon. "No! This ... shouldn't be yet."

  Cesar exclaimed, "What the fuck are you now?"

 Rose replied, "Leaving."

 Rose took a blast from her new cannon and the floor below her shattered, making her, Cesar and his one henchmen drop down to the next floor. As they crashed down, Rose rolled to her feet then began to run off. Cesar and the henchmen both laid on the hard floor as Grimes jumped down. Rose turned around to see Grimes landing.

   Grimes cried, " Where do you think you are going little girl? You can't escape me."

  Rose chimed, "Do you know how retarded you sounded just now?" Rose lifted her cannon. "Escape this."

  Rose shot Grimes with a blast from her cannon. The blast shot out and hit Grimes and her shield, forcing them out of the floor and through a window; shooting the Q'in agent into the next building. Cesar got to his feet as more of his men joined came in with guns.

  Cesar gazed at Rose. "Rosie-doll . .. you are a deadly little thing, ain'tcha?"

  Rose smirked, "Sure am. Move and I will vaporize you."

  The henchmen all stood with their gun pointing at her. Cesar smirked as he tilted his head slightly. "Can't kill us all, Rosie-doll."

   Rose smiled back, her aim never wavering. "I just shot us through a hospital floor and pushed an alien all the way to the next building. I don't need to kill you all. I just need to hit some of you to hurt  you all."

  Cesar smiled again, showing a demented grin this time. "Are you certain of that?"

  Suddenly, Parker and Baxter run in, letting bullets leave their weapons, taking down many of Cesar's men.  Parker let his semi automatic rain down punishment on Cesar's men. Cesar and his remaining men moved backward.

  Parker exclaimed, "There isn't any escape for you this time Cesar. You aren't just going to walk away from this."

   Baxter quickly moved over, standing in front of Rose while shooting. "Dear god ... what the hell happened to you? Besides the cannon ... you look absolutely fantastic."

   Rose responded, "I know right. I got abs now. Abs.I must have shrunk 2 to 3 sizes in my sleep."

  "Realize how much I hate you right now," Baxter chimed back then gave one of Cesar's men a bullet to the head.

  Parker joined the women. "Rose ... you ... look ... why are you in metal? And what's with the Megaman cannon?"

  Baxter and Rose glanced at each other and said out loud. "Men."

  The fire fight between the two continued as bullets came from both sides. Some bullets were coming straight for Parker but Rose jumped in front of them, allowing the bullets hit her new "armor" then watched them bounce off.


   Rose replied, "I'm fine. What about the rest of the patients and people?"

  "Most of them have been evacuated," Baxter replied. "Parker called that in after we heard about the explosion."

    Cesar and his men threw up a table and ducked behind that. One of his men, Tommy, turned to him after letting some rounds loose. "Cez ... we gotta go. We ain't winning this one. Cops are gonna be here soon. And we don't want to die here."

   "All we gotta do is kill that bitch," Cesar replied.

  Tommy exclaimed, "That bitch has become super-fied. How the fuck do you think we are gonna kill her? And your pops ain't gonna be happy with us destroying a hospital if we get caught."

  "Fuck!" Cesar turned to his men. "Let's get the fuck outta here."

  Cesar and his men began to fall back. Baxter and Parker  shoot a couple more of Cesar's men as they all exit to another stairwell. They stop shooting once the final of Cesar's men and Cesar are gone.

   Baxter stated,"We can call local police to hold them once they get out ."

   Parker replied, "They probably hitting the underground." Parker reached his walkie that he had already turned to the frequency of the local police. "Officers, this is FBI Agent Parker. Get ready for the perps to make a break for it from one of the exits of the underground parking lot."

   "Let's go after them," Rose proclaimed as she was walking towards some dead mobsters for guns.

  Parker shook his head. "You just got out of a coma and there has been an assassination attempt on your life."

  "Plus, we will get Cesar eventually. It is not everyday someone comes back from the dead. Especially FBI Agents who are wearing some kinda of gladiator armor with her hospital gown," Baxter stated.

  Rose rolled her eyes. "I wanted something new."

   "You've got armor, red hair and a cannon on your hand. That's more than just new. What's going on Rose?" Parker started.

  "I just got up from a coma to survive two attempts on my life and you want to get right down to business." Rose sighed then laughed. Parker joined her in her laugh hugged her, avoiding getting his arms caught on her new "thorns".

  Baxter then gave a hug to Rose. "Nice to have you back. It was getting boring with being the only woman on the team."

  "Aww ... nice to hear that Chambers hasn't given away my spot," Rose stated as she began to walk."As much as I want to catch Cesar right now ... I'd rather just enjoy being awake."

  Parker and Baxter looked at each other then back at Rose. Baxter examined Rose up and down with her eyes. "What have you done with the real Tendou-Riley?"

   Rose spat back. "She's here. Looking great and in dire need for some real food!"

  The three agents chuckled as they walked down the stairwell themselves on their way out.

Undisclosed Location
July 7th, 2012
Area 51

  Hospital tapes from Kelsey Crusher Hospital were being downloaded then the main security computer was being erased. Technicians were typing away, looking at different code. A frame with Rose with her new armor was seen and paused.

   A young, African American female leaned her face in by her technician. Her brown hair was long, getting in front of her. With a flip from her hand, her hair moved away. Her brown eyes glanced at the image of Rose Tendou-Riley.

   She said, "Look! It seems that the experimentation that the Q'in started has worked on her. And what an interesting mutation."

  The technician replied, "She developed armor somehow. And it is interesting to see how it covers only part of it, not all of her. What do you want us to do, Director Jefferson?"

  Claire Jefferson glanced at the picture again."More and more people with interesting mutations and/or powers have been cropping up. Play again."

   The technician played the tape as the scene where the Q'in jumped in and came at Rose was on the screen.

  Claire exclaimed,"Stop!" She eyed the being. "That is definitely a Q'in."

  The technician asked, "Do I inform the President?"

 Claire shook her head. "No. Not at all. This is all ours. We'll wait and see what moves the experiment and the Q'in make. In the meantime, find out who that woman is. I believe she'll prove to be most ... interesting."

 The technician began to type away as Claire Jefferson left the room.

Kelsey Crusher Hospital, Basement Parking Lot 
July 7th, 2012
Condor Falls, NV

    Rose walked along with Baxter and Parker to the mini coop. Parker spoke as they walked. "It seems like Cesar got away. The police couldn't stop him before he made it to his plane. And any possible eye witnesses, except for us, have either ended up dead or are missing. Damn that son of a bitch."

  "It'll be fine Parker. I got out alive," Rose responded. "And I intend to hunt down and put that sadistic asshole behind bars."

   Baxter chimed, "While that is all good and all .. .what are you gonna do to explain your new outfit?"

  Rose looked at herself a minute. "Oh god. I have been  so lost in what was happening, that I forgot. I don't even know how I got this way."

   "Hmm ... neither do we. I wonder if it had anything to do with Dr. Grimes," mused Parker as he was opening the door to the car.

  Baxter and Rose were just standing by it. Rose exclaimed, "That's what I wanted to tell you. It's about Grimes."

  Parker looked at her while thrown his gun inside his car. "What about Grimes?"

   Rose was about to answer as an arm came out from the backseat of the car and dragged Parker in. In seconds, blood bursted around the windsheild of the car ... from the inside. Parker's head was thrown out the open door and landed in front of both women. Baxter and Rose stood in complete shock as Grimes slithered out of the car.

   "What about me?"


 Next: Silver Thorn vs. Grimes  . . . round 2. What is Chambers' issue with The Breakers? Plus, more on the Monticello family and What the hell is Claire Jefferson doing?

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