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Top 10 Fighting Games that need a comic book

Welcome, I'm Jeremias de Leon back with another countdown. This time it's a different series. I'm looking at the top games that need a comic book series, Since I'm such a huge fighting game fan and since I can do a top 10 list that only has fighting games I've decided to split this article into two. One that's about fighting games specifically and one covering other games.

Understood? The non-fighting game list will be next week. Alright now with that out of the way let's do this.


Killer Instinct

It's crazy enough to work
For a game that's captured the imaginations of a lot of people it's hard to believe none of those people were comic book creators. With the kind of storyline that Killer Instinct had including mega corporations, evil world ending creatures, robots, and werewolves you'd think this would've been easy to write a comic for. Especially during the 90s when this first came out. But even now it could work.


Power Instinct

One of those ones not a lot of people heard about
Power Instinct is one of those games that came out in the 90s that was basically just a clone of Street Fighter in terms of gameplay though it did have some unique things like the stage getting larger by knocking down some obstacles by smacking people through them. One thing that wasn't like the other clones was how quirky it was. The characters were definitely not generic and each one of them could make for an interesting comic book character. Heck, the female Italian strongwoman Angela Belti is interesting enough for a series. Following men she's in love with across the world and what not. Same could be said for that creepy old woman, a horror comic could be made with her. There's potential in this series.


Bloody Roar

For a fighting game that cared more about it's story than others it's kinda weird it never got a comic
Bloody Roar was a fighting game that had more story elements added into it than most other fighting games. Especially seen in part 2 when story was added (I believe) and yet it hasn't been seen in other forms of medium. You know, a lot of people would love to see Bloody Roar come back as evidenced when a fake twitter account claiming to be Hudson Soft announced a "new Bloody Roar" game had a lot of people jumping for joy... including me. If Konami who now owns Hudson is still unsure about Bloody Roar a comic series would be good for checking the "hype gauge" so to speak.


Dead Or Alive 

So... much... doujinshi but where's an official story based comic?
Dead or Alive has a ton of doujinshi (fan made manga) but to my knowledge no official comics or manga. Dead or Alive has a story that concerns Ryu Hayabusa of Ninja Gaiden, an awesome Bruce Lee wannabe named Jann Lee, lots of tough and sexy women... how does this not have a comic!? This would sell so well among the male demographic of well, any age. Especially with the newest Dead Or Alive set to hit stores next month it would be a great way to re-introduce these characters to a new audience. It also would help dispel the reputation it has as something that's only about busty women with a new, official, story and action based comic. Instead of all those pornographic non-official ones floating around. Also especially for the reason that the sexiness of the female characters is downplayed in the most recent games. They're still there, and they can still wear swimsuits but trust me, it's a lot less overt than in previous games.


Fu'un Series

This is the series King Lion was introduced
A game made by SNK that featured a futuristic South Town that got renamed to Jipang city. For fans of the previous SNK fighters this game should get a comic series. It has the descendant of Kim Kaphwan, someone who apparently knew Terry Bogard the comic would be very interesting. I have a feeling there would be a lot of references to the fates of the characters from the Fatal Fury and Art Of Fighting series. Plus the actual playable characters are pretty cool the main character fights with a BOOMERANG and that's pretty hype,



It doesn't have a comic!?
Skullgirls is currently capturing the attention of quite a few people, with it's off the wall characters. The game also has a story mode that's already like a comic book and an interesting one at that. This one honestly seems like a no brainer, like Dead Or Alive it would sell well with males and the art style is very interesting I'm sure the character designer would love a chance to work on a comic book. So give him the chance... whoever is in charge of making those decisions.


Power Stone

WELCOME TO THE ADVENTURE! Oh wait, wrong game
Power Stone has no official comic!? That I know of anyway. I've seen some Udon people do art of Power Stone art but I don't think they've released a comic. Fans of adventure movies, comics and tv shows would love Power Stone. It has globe trotting mystical artifacts, plane riding, kung fu, beautiful women, strong men I don't see how this wouldn't appeal to a broader audience than other video game based comics.



Jin Saotome's game
So you've got mecha that looks like it's from Layzner, and other real robot anime beating the crap out of each other. On top of that you've got some really quirky memorable characters. Especially Jin Saotome, the only character from Cyberbots to be in other games most notably Marvel Vs Capcom 1 and 2. It would be an absolute fun read if given to the right writer, someone who knows not to take things too seriously preferably. 


Tech Romancer

Buy this game on Dreamcast, you won't be disappointed
Where Cyberbots is an homage to mainly one type of mecha anime Tech Romancer is an homage to all types. From Gundam looking mecha, to Evangelion looking mecha, to a Mazinger type (called Kikaioh). It's all in here. It would be just insane reading a comic with all these different types of mecha in the same story. Plus Jin Saotome makes a cameo in this game! So if you really liked Cyberbots you can't say no to Tech Romancer. If you've read the webcomic Robot God Akamatsu then you basically know how a Tech Romancer comic would be like and that would be awesome.


Last Blade

It needs more love
The Last Blade series of games are fantastic. They were made when SNK was doing other great fighters like Mark Of The Wolves and the gameplay is superb. But Last Blade didn't just have great gameplay it had a story that was pretty intriguing. Involving four people that have the power of the Four Symbols in east Asian mythology. The games had beautiful scenic stages, cool attacks and awesome characters. On top of that it's story involving mythology and history is interesting. Even though the games didn't have a story mode in their endings you can see that the characters actually had development. Their actions weren't so black and white and their motives weren't clear cut. Fans of Rurouni Kenshin and fantasy would love this story and it would make a fantastic comic.

Well, there I am with my latest countdown. What are your top fighting games that need a comic to be made? Heck, I'll even take the limiter of "hasn't had a comic made" and ask what fighting games need to have a comic made right now? As I know there are some fighters out there that would make great comics but their first attempts weren't so hot, or fallen into obscurity, but aren't on this list because they already do have comics. 

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  1. BlazBlue mustn't have -quite- made the list. Can you imagine how a Super Smash brothers comic would go?

  2. Actually the only reason BlazBlue didn't make the list is because it already has an official manga. You can even buy it here. Do I wish it had more to it? Definitely. But this list was only for games without any manga or comic that can use one.

    Also thanks a lot for reading, and a Super Smash Brothers comic would be super intriguing. :)

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