Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Under the Net #20

Under the Net
with Jake Estrada

RIP #1
Story by: Joseph Pais
Art by: Christhian Zamora
Letters by: Patrick Meeker
Publisher: Black Snake Studios

 Welcome to the 20th edition of Under the Net.  

Okay, I am still on my tour with the comics at, and I found another suitable title to review. The comic has a sort of flare to it that tells me they may have been inspired by Frank Miller. Here are the rules of my review. J

I will be rating the elements of the book on a scale of one through five.

One is poor, two is mediocre, three is fair, four is good, and five is excellent.

The Art

The artwork is done in a black and white style with red thrown into the mix. The style reminds me of Sin City or some type of comic done by Frank Miller, and I will say that it does work. It holds the story together well since this is a story about hunters trying to kill the vampires they hunt, and it shows us the very bleak world these heroes and villains live in. You can see the depression creep in as they go on their murderous rampage through the city to get to the root of the issue.


The Writing

The writing is not too bad. The story has our hero RIP cutting a swatch of bad guys in half, and gives him this very dark outlook on life as he makes his way through the city to kill these vampires. At times, the story gets sort of bogged down as it goes back and forth in the past some, and it gets kind of hard to understand what is happening, but it moves forward never forgiving and only terminating its villains, and it shows you how the world is on the verge of total destruction. However, RIP won’t let this impurity continue, and he tries to become the human race’s only salvation.



We have all seen vampire slayer stories and revenge stories. Yet, this one takes the two concepts and puts it back together like many other classic tales. The vampires stole his love, and RIP wants her back. RIP will do anything to get his love back, and he will even enhance himself by taking drugs to stop these vampires. So, in essence, he will become a monster to kill the monsters he hates so much. The story can get bogged down, but it doesn’t stop. It continues to flow to the bitter end.


The Pros

The art is nice and the story is solid as it flows on the page. It is very engaging, and you don’t stop looking until the end.

The Cons

The lettering can get kind of muddled and hard to read.

My Final Word

If you like vampire stories with a bite, give this story a chance as it may RIP you in half. J Keep up the good work.

The Free cover. 

To read the first issue go here:  

Enjoy folks!

Jake Estrada

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Jake Estrada is a published author who holds degrees in Multimedia Design and Criminal Justice. He is a father to three wonderful children and married to his beautiful wife, Beth. You can find his comics at and other fine online stores.

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