Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why the wolf howls (short story)

Before you read! These are random short stories I write! Some will be Sci-fi, some will be fantasy, or both. But this one is more of a fair tale, and I rarely write like this, so because of that I decided it should be my first  short story I post. Thank you. 

Once a long time ago, wild cats and wolves shared the land. After years of living next to each other for so long both the wolves and cats planned to over throw one another. The wild cats soon fought against the wolves for the woodlands, and wolves fought against the wild cats for the mountain lands. It was never clear who stuck first but what was clear is that both sides suffered for their war, both in lives and in mental state.

One day as a wolf from a warrior pack was patrolling his pack's border, he came across a Wild cat who had stalked its prey into his land. The wolf confronted the wild cat, claws ready to fight, but to his the surprise, the wild cat did not try to stand against him. "How dare you enter my land!" The wolf growled, keeping his guard up just in case of a sneak attack. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know..." The wild cat replied, and as the wolf looked into the cat's eyes, he saw no threat. "It's okay....why are you here?" the wolf asked, though a lot more relaxed now. "Trying to get food on my own," she replied "my pride normally doesn't allow me to hunt.....I'm too young." The wolf looked at the wild cat curiously, for all wolves are taught to hunt on their own "I-I could teach you to hunt on your own." The wild cats had agreed to the wolf's proposal, and every full moon they would meet each other for hunting sessions.

In the day, the two would secretly leave messages for each other, in mud or under tall grass. As the weeks went by, it became more and more apparent that they were in love with one another, and on each full moon they spent less and less time hunting and more time getting to know each other. It seemed as the more their love grew, the more the war neared it's end.

After a few weeks the war stopped, and the wolves and wild cats were at peace, and the two still were visiting each other. Until one day the alpha male of the wild cat's pride found one of the secret messages left by the wolf. To ensure his daughter would not see the wolf, he made her tell the wolf that she was leaving him. "Never talk to me again, and never look for me!" she told the wolf, and she left with her pride to the mountain lands.

The wolf was deeply sadden, and yearned for the wild cat for days, but did not look for her as she said. But on the night of the full moon, the wolf rushed up to the highest cliff he could find, and in the light of the full moon, let out a great howl. Letting the wild cat know where he was, so that if she ever could, she could return to him.

Wolves now howl to let those they care for know where they are. No matter how far.

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  1. Such a nice story. Thanks for sharing it.