Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cardfight Vanguard Card of the Week 10/17/12


Grade 2: Blaster Blade
Royal Paladin Clan

   Our first month honoring CFV continues as we get to this week's Grade 2 card. And Yes, it should come as no surprise as one of the most well known cards in the franchise, Blaster Blade, gets card of the week. It is to Dark Magician is to Yugi; Blaster Blade is Aichi's favorite card . . . at least for season 1. It has a great look and it is the face of not only the Royal Paladins, but one of the faces of the Vanguard Franchise.


    When you call Blaster Blade to Rear Guard, by flipping 2 of your damage, you can retire any grade 2 or below rear guard unit your opponent has. Yet, what is even better is that when Blaster Blade is your vanguard, if you pay 2, you can retire any of your opponents rear guard; no matter the grade. Pretty damn powerful card, yes? No wonder Aichi loves it.

    Blaster Blade is one of the main cards in the franchise; so, he has a LOT of supporting cards. For instance, Wingal gives extra power when you use him to support Blaster Blade. Future Knight Lou can call and superior ride him if you also have Barcgal and Flogal out and put all 3 of those cards into the soul. Even cards like Alfred Early and Solitary Knight Gancelot have more effects if you have Blaster Blade in your soul. This card is very useful. And currently, depending on the edition ... VERY EXPENSIVE. Still, a great card for the Royal Paladins to have as their spokesman.

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