Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cardfight Vanguard Card of the Week 10/27/12


MONTH 1, WEEK 4 & 5
Grade 3: Swordsman of Explosive Flames, Palamedes

Royal Paladin Clan

  We end the first month honoring Vanguard Cards with the first Grade 3 to be inducted into CFV Card of the Week. Now, I am sure this surprises many. Since we have been hitting the Royal Paladins all month, I am sure they would have figured that Gancelot or  Soul Saver Dragon or King of Knight Alfred but no. Wanted something a little different. Palamedes is a beautiful card in the Royal Paladin Clan that works really well.
   Oddly enough, Palamedes is the only salamander in the Royal Paladin Clan.

              If you have 2 or more Royal Paladin Vanguards & rear guards , this card will get +3000 attack till the end of that battle. This is good because Royal Paladins main attraction to the deck is that the units really like to work together in multiple ways. Also, this unit's effect can be used as both Vanguard or rear guard. Making this unit a strong rear guard to have in any place on the battlefield.

Hope you enjoyed this first month of CFV card of the week. Next month, another clan & a Grade 0. Any suggestions, ideas? feel free to email me at

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