Sunday, October 14, 2012

GamersJunction Promotes Us

What is the Gamers Junction, you may ask?  It's a gaming community site on YouTube that provides gaming content, such as reviews, commentaries, and many more!

I was in text chat with Jamie Stewart, the founder of Gamers Junction, and he is welcome to meet new members of the Gamers Junction.  If any of us want to become part of the Gamers Junction, be sure to go by the guidelines of how you submit your videos so you will be able to become part of the community.  If you want to promote the group, then Gamers Junction will happy to promote you back!  No contract, you can be affiliated with any websites you can, and you STILL be able to promote the website as possible!  Hell, you can become partnered with the Gamers Junction, and STILL become a member of the Broken Infinite!

Gamers Junction is a whole new sensation of the gaming community, and willing looking forward to promote modern day and retro gamers. 

Gamers Juction..Where Gamers Connect!

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