Sunday, October 7, 2012

Geek Male Sex Symbol For October 2012


Male For October 2012
 (Men that bring charm, sexuality & eye candy to your geeky lives)

- Aka Spacebreaker aka Rakuda777 from Youtube
- Morphin Bracers Co-Host
- Broken Infinite Staff Writer
- Tokusatsu Junkie

Interests: Acting, modeling, reading comic books (mostly Marvel and Image) , watching movies, playing video games, watching Tokusatsu, making reviews, writing, and making films. 

Favorite Fandom: Super Sentai

Favorite Character: The Hulk/ Bruce Banner

Favorite Foods: Steak, Fries, sour ptaches kids, Itailian Ice cream, and bacon

Favorite Awesome Moments In Tv/Movies: Last battle of Gokaiger, The huge ending fight in Avengers, opneing to Five deadly venoms.

Worst Movie You've Ever Seen: Dawn Together: the movie

What You Like Most About You: My skills boths phyiscally and mentally.

Why?: Because you can actually talk about the history of super sentai at great length, comparing it to Power Rangers or Kamen Rider, even talking straight up business about how it's marketed. Honestly, even though its a "kids show" it brings up a lot of adult conversations, character deconstruction, and of course historical and cultural differences between Japan and America. 

NEXT WEEK: It's The Ladies' turn!

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