Monday, October 29, 2012

Marvel NOW First Impression: Red She-Hulk #58



Written by Jeff Parker
Art by Wellington Alves, Carlo Pagulayan & Val Staples
 Marvel Comics


         Over the course of the last decade, creators have worked hard to change the Hulk and help him sell better by changing things up ... to make him and his cousin Jennifer, no longer the only Hulks around. Hulk found himself to be surrounded by a new Hulk family: a son and daughter who were both Hulks, his close friend Rick Jones who became A Bomb but more significantly, his former father in law becoming the Red Hulk and his thought to be dead wife Betty, was changed into the Red She Hulk.

  Betty, as we came to find, was quite okay with becoming a Hulk. She actually finds it invigorating. Betty had embraced herself as the Red she Hulk and decided to be adventurous.Since then, she's been estranged with Bruce, was recently a Defender and just became the star of the Hulk book, written by Jeff Parker. He has decided that it is Betty's time to shine as part of the new Marvel NOW intitiative. So, let's find out what happens.


  We are treated to the military having their own set of super soldiers who will follow orders and be government agents. During the test in a restricted, government location, Red She-Hulk thought it was time to have some fun and crash the test. She wanted information on this program called Echelon.

 We soon come to find out 2 things: 1- General Fortean wants to capture her, even asking Captain America for info. 2 - REd She-Hulk wants to take down Echelon and she is getting all the intel she can on them to do so.

  Her investigation brings her to a lab in Arlington , VA where she stops a doctor from being raped by one of Echelon's guinea pigs ... VIOLENTLY.


    Pagulayan and Alves do a stunning job with this first issue of Red She-Hulk. Betty looked smart, beautiful while her Red She-Hulk persona seems to be fun . . . and dangerous. Everyone had a great, distinct look. Emotion was easily conveyed. The panels were fun and full of kinetic action.

     Staples colors were amazing. They really helped the characters jump out, look distinct and complemented the art of both artists extremely well. Kudos to the art team with a good, strong showing.


    Parker gives us a strong impression with this first issue. There is a lot of mystery in the air with this first issue of Red She-Hulk. Echelon and General Fortean are being built up to a big threat to the heroes and villains at large.Parker definitely leave us with a strong impression that Betty is not playing around with her new mission to take down Echelon ... especially considering how the soldiers are getting their powers.

   You get the feeling that Betty is not going to stop till she takes down Echelon and that Fortean could end up like her father was towards Bruce before her. Yet, there is only one misstep with this issue was good set up to mysteries and the threat that Echelon will be but for Betty ... it kept her a mystery. And while that can be somewhat good, it made me feel like we are watching Betty more than getting to know her. And she is gonna be the star of this book but we got Red She-Hulk smashing with little reasons behind her own motivations.

  That seemed to be what bothered me but otherwise and great job by Parker cause it definitely makes readers wanting more.


   Red She-Hulk #58 is a good jump on point. We get a dynamic new star with a strong mission and the determination to see it through. We get interesting and appealing new villains to work with. The art is superb.  A feast for the eyes and fits the book. There is tension, there is mystery and a lot of things get smashed. The whys have not been revealed but this does help set up an exciting start to Betty's adventures.

I give Red She-Hulk #58 a 4 out of 5. It was good. It made me want more but us getting to know our star a lil more would have been good for a jump on point. Otherwise, a strong read. 

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