Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Comic News: New Young Avengers Return in Marvel NOW

   That is right. You  are reading that correctly.  The Young Avengers will be brought back together through the new creative team of Kieron Gillen (recently of Uncanny X-Men and upcoming Iron Man writer)and  artists Jamie McKelvie & Mike Norton. Confirmation of the new series was announced earlier today through CBR. The core line up will include Wiccan, Hulkling, Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) with newcomers Miss America, Marvel Boy Noh-Varr (most recently the Protector) and surprisingly, Kid Loki.

   Kid Loki has been in Gillen's hand for his entire stint on Journey Into Mystery and now says that Kid Loki will help reform this new team of Young Avengers. He told CBR:

"The original volume of "Young Avengers" was a phenomenally successful book. I remember when it was announced and people were really cynical about it. Then the book came out and it had a completely respectful view of the long history of the Marvel Universe. It worked brilliantly.
I couldn't write that book. I couldn't base a story around a tiny bit of continuity from 30 years ago. I completely respect people that can do that and I love those stories, but that doesn't mean I can.
So I took a different approach. In this world the Avengers are almost civil servants or firemen or police. They work for the government and they're this enormous organization. But at the core? The real core of the Avengers? It's saving the world, because someone has got to, and that's what "Young Avengers" is about. They're called "Young Avengers" even though they're not Avengers. This is fundamentally about the ideal. It's about being a super hero. It's about saving the world because somebody has got to do it.
So instead of picking up continuity and weaving it in. I'm doing weird riffs on it. I'm taking notes from the Avengers mythos and doing them in a completely different way. The first arc is pretty much Loki puts the Avengers together. And of course Loki did inadvertently put the original Avengers together, but why is he actively trying to put this team together?
The first arc's major plot is basically a riff on the Ultron story, but it's not about Ultron. It's based around Wiccan and involves magic. It's your basic Hank Pym fucks up-style story [Laughs]. That's what Wiccan does and then they deal with it."

  As Kid Loki manipulates this team together, the other members have mixed feelings. While some of the members are happy the band is back together, others, like Wiccan, are not. Yet, that is a key to the reassembling of the Young Avengers.

"As everyone who's read "The Children's Crusade" knows, Wiccan is pretty fucked up. He's lost a lot of friends and doesn't want to be a super hero anymore. He's very angry and emphatic about that. Hulkling and the other Young Avengers are out doing it on the down low though.
So when Wiccan discovers this in the first issue it's almost like he's found out that Hulkling has been cheating on him and his mistake comes from that. He tries to do something and as he does it he realizes that he's actually being kind of selfish. Because if you think about it even for a second Wiccan hasn't got a bad life. He's got extra sets of parents. He's incredibly powerful and his mom is the Scarlet Witch. As Hulkling puts it in the first issue, "That's kind of like realizing Galadriel is you mom."

Conversely, Hulkling had his parents burned alive in front of him. He's got nothing except for Wiccan. So Wiccan slowly realizes he's being an idiot and then he makes a mistake. That mistake is the thing that gathers the rest of the team around them.Miss America is basically protecting Wiccan from Loki, and Loki is trying to stop Wiccan from what he's doing. That leads to them all coming together to try and clean up this mess."

  The new book will not only have a new creative team and new team roster, but also have a new look. McKelvie will pencil the characters while most of the backgrounds will be done by Norton with Norton doing full pencils when McKelvie needs time off. Plus, the creative team specified that they will be lots of panels that will be stylized and making sure the look and feel of the book is that of being a teenager growing up. McKelvie added to CBR:

"I guess it is the closest thing we've done to "Phonogram" in the Marvel Universe. It's very important that they are teenage super heroes. We wanted to give them a distinctive separation from the older heroes. Costume design has really been important so far. That bled into how I actually approached the story telling and the panels."

  According to Gillen, Miss America is not going to get along well with most of the team while Noh-Varr will being seemingly alien while loving humanity for its many flaws while also being condescending  Young Avengers #1 will hit stores this January 2013.

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