Wednesday, October 31, 2012



 Hey folks. I hope everyone is doing well. By now many reviewers have seen my name pop here time to time doing reviews of other comics, web comics and such. Well finally I am proud to present you a new web comic series I have done that is being directly released digitally before it comes to print. This is the first book to be specifically released and published by The Broken Infinite. I have known Frankie Rodriguez for years now. Frankie and I are old college friends, and I remember the old conversations we used to have about producing comics, and the like. I’d just like to thank my old friend for letting me to release this under his imprint. Thanks again buddy. So without any further ado. Here are a few preview pages, and I will also be providing a few links for people to view the digital release of SCREW PHILLIPS. I hope to get reviews, and hope everyone enjoys.


He was once a special agent and good at his job. But then he committed the ultimate sin and let his personal greed get the best of him. Viewed to the rest of the world as a rogue agent - gone bad. Locked away and forgotten for several years, now released to the world, prowling the wastelands of Bridgeton, an outlaw working for the system, killing other outlaws to claim his piece, and known on the streets as SCREW PHILLIPS. 

To view: Click here

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