Friday, November 9, 2012

Broken Infinite TV: The NEW WTFriday (#5)

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new era. Yep. Just like in Power Rangers Dino  Thunder, I am already shaking the status quo of this block. But it is a welcome change to say the least.From now on, WTF will deal with original webshows only. This is stuff produced by all kinds of people. If it is good, then it will end up on here. For the new line up on WT Friday, we got some returning shows from the door and some new ones. Here's the rundown:

- RRPG Reviews - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode 1 & 2 (From RRPG)
- Turnabout TV Quickie Borderlands 2 (with BI's own Mike Maverick)
- Sync Episode 1
 - Osirus Chapter One 

 - Divergence Episode 5 (Eric Southworth's series)
 - Mortal Kombat Legacy Episode 5
 - Divine Episode 5
 - Dead Man's Trigger Episode 1
 - The Guild Episode 5  (Felicia Day!)
 - Fighter's High Episode 3 ( Keep and eye on this. TRUST ME)
 - Thug-Geek Retro Tuesday ( I know it's Friday. Work with me) Episode 1 (By BI's Big Cheese himself)
 - Infinite Santa 8000 Episode 1 (I guarentee you will say "WTF" to this)
 - Let's Talk Over Final Fight 3 (From BI's own Executive Editor Jeremias de Leon & Jeff Williams)

So please. Sit back. Watch. Like. Share.

 - Editor In Chief Frankie Rodriguez

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