Monday, November 26, 2012

Card News: Cardfight!! Vanguard World Champ Finalists & North American Decks

Here is a look at what is coming up at the World Championships for Cardfight!! Vanguard at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

They will each compete for the World Championships on December 9th. Here are the decks of the recent Qualifiers from North America (from CFV Official US site):

3th Runner Up: Raymond Wong (New York/New Jersey) & 1st Runner Up, Christopher Sok (New York, New Jersey):

TD05/001ENGreat Silver Wolf, Garmorex4
BT07/007ENWhite Hare in the Moon's Shadow, Pellinorex3
TD05/006ENSacred Guardian Beast, Nemean Lionx4
BT06/032ENKnight of Superior Skills, Beaumainsx4
BT07/041ENLop Ear Shooterx4
TD05/008ENKnight of Elegant Skills, Garethx4
BT06/016ENSleygal Daggerx3
BT06/017ENHalo Shield, Markx4
BT07/020ENListener of Truth, Dindranex3
TD05/015ENSilent Punisherx3
TD05/016ENWeapons Dealer, Gwydionx2
TD05/018ENElixir Sommelierx4
BT06/088ENFlame of Victoryx4
BT07/042ENSpring Breeze Messengerx1
BT07/099ENSpeeder Houndx3

2md Runner Up, Gabriel Espinosa (Mexico) :

TD06/002ENDjinn of the Lightning Flashx1
BT06/006ENDragonic Kaiser Vermillionx4
BT06/092ENBreakthrough Dragonx2
TD02/006ENWyvern Strike, Tejasx3
TD06/004ENThunderstorm Dragoonx4
TD06/006ENDjinn of the Lightning Flarex1
BT06/038ENDemonic Dragon Berserker, Garudax4
TD06/008ENRed River Dragoonx4
TD06/010ENLightning of Hope, Helenax1
BT06/020ENWyvern Guard, Guldx3
BT06/039ENDesert Gunner, Raienx3
BT06/040ENPhoton Bomber Wyvernx3
TD06/015ENYellow Gem Carbunclex4
TD06/016ENOld Dragon Magex3
TD06/018ENDemonic Dragon Nymph, Seiobox4
BT06/098ENSpark Kid Dragoonx1
BT06/099ENDragon Dancer, Catharinax1
BT06/100ENMalevolent Djinnx4

The North American Champion, Brandon Smith (Canada): 

EB03/002ENSpectral Duke Dragonx4
EB03/013ENGigantech Destroyerx3
BT06/005ENPlayer of the Holy Bow, Vivianex3
BT06/032ENKnight of Superior Skills, Beaumainsx4
EB03/014ENBlack Dragon Knight, Vortimerx4
TD05/008ENKnight of Elegant Skills, Garethx4
BT06/016ENSleygal Daggerx2
BT06/017ENHalo Shield, Markx4
BT06/085ENLittle Battler, Tronx1
EB03/033ENScout of Darkness, Vortimerx4
TD05/015ENSilent Punisherx4
TD05/016ENWeapons Dealer, Gwydionx4
TD05/018ENElixir Sommelierx4
BT06/088ENFlame of Victoryx4
EB03/015ENBlack Dragon Whelp, Vortimerx1

Looks like Gold Paladin's once again rule over the other clans. Yet, will this clan take the top spot in Japan? Find out on December 9th as we will cover this tournament. 

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