Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cardfight Vanguard Card of the Week: 11/11/12

Cardfight Vanguard Card of the Week is back.

 And we start off the month of November with a great clan: the Dimension Police. With them and the Shadow Paladin cards having major releases in the US about a month from now, we here at the Broken Infinite believe it is time to go through one of those two clans. The Dimension Police is (for the most part) the clan that is the love letter for fans of Giant Robot series and Tokusatsu. This is the clan that is richly diverse and still has so much to offer. So, like last month, one Grade per week ... or just under a week since this is a little late but I digress.

Let's break it down.

    MONTH 2, WEEK 1
    CLAN: Dimension Police
    GRADE: 0
     CARD:Guide Dolphin

             Dimension Police are primarily used by Team Caesar in the Cardfight Vanguard Anime. It is also used by the mysterious King X during his battle with Aichi Sendou during the second season of the show. As started before, the Dimension police are inspired by the great Giant robot and Tokusatsu shows that inspired many kids: Including Kamen Rider and even Power Rangers. More proof of that will be seen during the month.

     Guide Dolphin is a Grade 0 stand trigger. If you want your units to get more attacks in the same turn, definitely have a few of these cards in your deck. Why? guide Dolphin is a trigger card with its own effect as well. The effect is that when you move this card into the soul, you can give a Dimension Police unit an extra 3000 attack. Any Dimension Police that is stand you can add power to it. That makes this a great support card. Plus, any Dimension Police cards that utilize the soul make this card a must have for your deck. Not bad with a dolphin with a headset.

 While this card won't be part of the next booster pack in December, it will be part of Awakening of Twin Blades in February internationally. So don't fret. You will get him soon.

Next week: It's time for a Grade 1.

Our Cardfight Eyecatch person is none other than the second in command of Rajio Nihon, Oga. Tune in to Rajio Nihon for all your toku needs.

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