Monday, November 12, 2012

Comic News: Nicieza Reigns Over BATWING

   Long time comic book scribe Fabian Nicieza recently took over the writing duties for leaving scribe Judd Winick on Batwing. The new Batwing scribe is currently wrapping up Winick's storylines with December's Batwing # 15.

  Nicieza's first full storyline starts with Batwing #16 as new regular artist Fabrizio Forentino take over the book and start the new story arc "Acceptable Corruption" which deals with the police in Tinasha letting a killer go free, according to Nicieza.

Nicieza talked about his first arc to Newsrama:

 A murderer walks free because his rich father greases the right palms. The punk kills again and David has had enough. He pressures to protect a witness who can identify the spoiled punk while he uses Batwing to intimidate the industrialist father. But success in the short-term might mean long-term problems for both David and Batwing.
When the industrialist father is not all too happy with David and Batwing's interventions, he decides to bring in some heavy guns to take down both of them (not knowing they are one and the same).

David's police precinct will be fleshed out a bit more with new characters, as will his partner Kia. She'll be heavily involved and not all too happy with what's going on. Batwing's operations engineer, Matu, will also play a big role... if he survives the ass-whoopin' David brings down on them.

Batwing #16, the first issue with new creative team of Fabian Nicieza and Fabrizio Forentino, will hit stands in January. 

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