Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cursed - Mini Rant

Cursed – Mini rant

I stumbled upon a show called Cursed on the Bio Channel. I’ve only seen one episode (at the moment) and this is my initial reaction to this episode. I will add more of these 'mini rants' as I watch more of the season. 

The episode: Curse of the gods (Episode four, Season 1)

The Story: Kitty (Forgot her last name)

Backstory: She fired an employee (who happened to be Native American) because she asked him to do something out of his job description.

My Reaction:

Who the hell am I supposed to feel bad for? I initially felt bad for Kitty because I feel that if you’re capable of putting a curse on someone it’s most likely that the person you’re cursing doesn’t know how to get rid of it. However, I don’t feel bad for her because depending on what she was asking her former employee, what if it lead to his own harm? It could have ended horribly for him and she didn’t care about him at all. She wouldn’t compromise with him and just fired him without a second thought.

They’re both wrong in this situation. I’m sorry you lost your job buddy but you took it a step too far by putting a curse on her to constantly harass her. Go after her job not her personal life. Does he realize he did this over something so petty and trivial? I don’t think he does. But at the same time this bitch just had her head up her own ass and honestly should have been fired for doing what she did. You can’t ask someone to do something not in their job description, how can you ask someone who designs games (for example) to do some welding! I know it’s an extreme example and that’s not what happened, but still that’s the situation this man was put in.

Is this show trying to be religion-ist as well?  Implying that all people from different cultures put curses on people who cross them? I don’t think it is but I feel like that will be an unintended result of this show. Like it just reaffirming people’s misbelief in other cultures religions, spiritual practice etc.

Second Story: Larry

The Story: Larry started dating a woman and she put a Voodoo Curse on him… twice.

My reaction:
His girlfriend knew from the beginning that Witch Doctor wasn’t going to help. She lied and said he would but in the back of her mind she just wanted to ruin his life. She give a bad name to women who are from … wherever she’s from… and to voodoo and I don’t know anything about Voodoo other than it gets a really bad reputation especially in the media. However I highly doubt that Haiti New Orleans and Jamaica are all countries based around some demonic religion I don’t care what Hollywood or stuck up people from other religions try to tell me. Take your bigotry and shove it. Anyways, this bitch just made me angry and I don’t know what to do with this show. If the rest of season one is like this than it’s going to get really confusing. I can’t feel bad for people who have some sort of bad karma coming their way (like Kitty) but at the same time I think the person who put the curse on someone is an asshole because they know they’ll suffer for eternity but they get to move on with their lives and forget about the incident. They can forget about the person they cursed because their life goes on unaffected. It’s not fair to constantly pay for a mistake as petty as firing someone because you have your head up your ass or because your relationship fell apart after advising your partner to go see someone of your religion to help improve their life. That’s not fair at all…  

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  1. Curses are real. There are good and evil spirits out there. Jesus Christ is the head over all of them. If you believe in him and use his name the curse will be broken. I had a curse on my life from dabbling in the occult. I became harassed by demons trying to drive me crazy. Only when I used Jesus name did they leave.