Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic and Zodiart Switch Reviews

Even though Fourze may be over I decided to post my two reviews I did for Toku Anime News which are the Cosmic and Zodiart Switches.

    The Cosmic Switch is a rather enjoyable switch cause the design is neat and it has a pretty cool henshin sound to it.  Unfortunately its the only astro switch to not be able to activate Limit Break by itself since you can only do that with the use of the Barizun Sword.  Cosmic States is actually one of the best forms in the series so its great to have a pretty cool switch to go along with the form.  

    The Zodiarts Switch is an oddity that not every fan of the show would probably want especially since its stand alone item with no use of any of the belts of the show.  It may not also be able to match the Dopant memories for that reason but its features are cool enough for a worthwhile pickup regardless.  The switch really does well to represent the one used on the show and its nice that many of zodiarts are in it including the 12 horoscopes.  The only issue is that because of the button being used to change to the different Zodiarts programmed into it you cant activate the normal transformation besides the "last one" version.  Its a nice touch that they at least added the deactivation sound including the fact that you no longer use it when its deactivated so you would need to reset it back to the normal form.

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