Tuesday, November 20, 2012

X-O Manowar Issue 7 review

Well, it's time for another look into Valiant's X-O Manowar series. The past issues have been phenomenal, how about this issue? Well, let's find out.

Review by Jeremias de Leon


Aric is talking with Alexander as he tries to convince Aric why he should listen to him and why trying to team up with Ninjak is a good thing. We get more exposition and in a very good way, which is straight to the point and doesn't bog down the action. The exposition itself is actually important as well, as you learn more about the Vine and why they're able to communicate with each other and why they have plantings in the first place. Just when you think it's a good time to stop the exposition and have something happen, something does happen and you see some really well drawn action scenes, especially between Ninjak and Aric. 

Speaking of Aric and Ninjak another major story point is their possibly awesome alliance, if they can stomach each other long enough. It's not clear whether Ninjak is willing to help for real or just playing along so he can strike Aric. Although considering the evidence Alexander gave Ninjak, it does seem like he is ready to help.


Lee Garbett is a great addition to the Manowar team, the way action scenes are drawn have such dynamism I can't help but be in awe and have to keep looking for a couple seconds longer. It's certainly need to see art. 


For this issue with the exposition on the Vine, the great action scenes and banter between Aric and Ninjak I have to give this issue a 9.5 out of 10. I was seriously prepared for a drop in quality, just because of mistakes or something but no, this series just keeps blowing me away, it can't stop being awesome.

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