Friday, December 7, 2012

Archer and Armstrong issue 5 review

We're back with more Archer and Armstrong issue 5. The last four issues were great how does this stack up?

Review by Jeremias de Leon


With the geomancer dead, Armstrong's brother Gilad is out for blood, Archer's blood. As they attempt to run from him, the comic shows flashbacks that show the history of Gilad protecting the geomancer and how he gets when one should unfortunately die. More unfortunate for the killer one would say. We also see some great action scenes between Archer, Armstrong and Gilad through the book.


There was action throughout this book and all of it was eye catching. Nothing, not a thing was dull or boring. The lengths Gilad will go to, to avenge the geomancer are spectacular and were shown very dynamically. The martial arts of Archer and strength and ingenuity Armstrong are also shown with great expressions and movement. Your eyes will never feel like it has to work reading this comic.


The writing in this comic is top notch, every character is treated and acts like a real person. Not only do they act real when alone but when interacting with other characters they actually have chemistry. The eponymous characters especially have great chemistry, like in the previous books, but it truly shines in this issue.

The action in this comic is amazing. Seeing Gilad kick so much butt in so many different ways is fantastic. The duo don't disappoint either.

The comedy, mainly stemming from the dialog between Archer and Armstrong is great and breaks up the action nicely when it needs to.

This is historical folks, with top notch action, comedy and pacing I have to do something I never done before I give this comic a perfect 10 out of 10.

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