Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comic Review: SHADOWMAN # 2

Written by Justin Jordon & Patrick Zircher
Art by Patrick Zircher & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics 


    I open the book and ... oh my god . .. a demon that was human got his ear shot off! A great way to connect magic as a science (or even as technology). Shadowman, Dox and Alyssa kicking all sorts of demonic butt. Ew ... flesh worm things that still move and burrow underground it seems.

    Dear God ... is that DARQUE? He's never looked so ... so frightening. Mr. Twist gets a suit. Jack wakes up with little memory of what happened till he is met by Alyssa and Dox. Jack starts to get an explanation of who he is only to have it interrupted.


     Solid writing here. Jordon and Zircher work extremely well together on script cause it is showing it in their work. The explanations and comparisons to magic to science and technology were easy to follow along and a great way to open up all the magic that we will see happen. Mr. Twist continues to be a terrifying villain who make look grotesque but still has style and flair.

     Darque is proving to be the dark god that he was in the original Valiant and more. Jack dealing with his new found powers was believable and a nice spin on the old "That can't be real. I will just ignore it" routine we see in other books.The pacing of the book was excellent ... not feeling breezy at all. Dox and Alyssa get more character time here and really find them to be a refreshing duo of young and old working together.

    The fantastic scenes we saw in this book manage to go from grotesque to fantastic to mundane with each story note carefully building on each other. Truly, solid writing done by Jordon and Zircher.


    I have said it before and I will say it again now: Patrick Zircher is drawing the work of his career. Shadowman artistically is one of the strongest looking books I have seen in the last decade. The pages with Darque ALONE where so brilliantly rendered that I actually felt fear when looking at him. I have understood a threat from a comic book villain but very few villains made me feel fear just by looking at them. Darque did so in spades.

    The mix of super heroics, magic and grotesque features seem out of character to Zircher artistically but he's proving he can run with the best of them. Every panel was filled with great detail that matched the tone of whatever the scene demanded. Reber should be Zircher's permanent colorist. The vivid colors for the mundane scenes make me appreciate them compared to the darker tones and thicker inks used when dealing with the demonic cops or any scene with Darque.

    Gazing at Shadowman, you want to know more about this world and really feel whatever the characters are feeling when flipping the pages.


    Well paced script. Interesting plots. Characters with personality and style. And various ways in making old comic book staples and turning them over into something different. That is what Shadowman #2 does. Jordon, Reber and especially Zircher are really pulling out all the stops in this issue to make you feel invested and scared about all the things that will come. Jack Boniface is a likable character who seems to be find his way and we get to see him find his way with him which adds that personal touch.

    Shadowman is proving to be one of the best books in the last decade. #2 is more than enough proof with that with little surprises and great, strong characters.

 I give Shadowman # 2 a 5 ... out of 5. You NEED to be reading this book NOW!

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