Monday, December 17, 2012

Cosplay Hottie of December

hey there InfiKnights, Happy Holidays to you and yours as your gift i give you the beautiful Wind of the Stars Cosplay as December's Cosplay Hottie enjoy

What are your favorite geek vices?:Being able to curl up on my couch with one of my favorite games, like Borderlands, and blow some baddies away is my biggest geek vice plus it's great stress relief! Second choice right now would be to read one of my current comic titles.

What got you into anime/comics etc?
Ever since I was little I was around geeky stuff. My dad had me watching Star Wars, reading comics and playing video games on the Commodore 128. My friends and I would read and talk about XMen all the time. However, it wasn't until I was 12-13 that I got into anime via Sailor Moon on Toonami. From there is just snowballed in trying to find new animes I liked. I got heavily back into comics the last few years just from being around fellow geeks. I would hear about a title that they were reading and then I would go pick it up for myself based off their recommendation. Also being a costumer, if I see a character with a particularly interesting design, chances are I'll pick the title up and read/watch/play it just to see if it's a character I like enough to make the outfit.

What got you into cosplay?
When I was in college, the anime club had a yearly event that encouraged cosplay. So I gave it a go and I had such a blast I wanted to make more costumes. From there I had my mom show me how to use a sewing machine and self taught myself since then. Like watching new animes, it just kind of snowballed too. It's great creative outlet.

What are some of your favorite anime/games?
My favorite games are Borderlands, Soul Calibur, Devil May Cry, Skyrim and Resident Evil. Some of my favorite animes are Sailor Moon, Slayers, Kiddy Grade, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagnn and Outlaw Star.

What are your favorite foods?
If money wasn't an issue I would eat salmon nigiri all the time. Love it! I also love chicken fingers, french fries, carrots, greek yogurt, grapes, and granola bars.

What is the best part of cosplaying?
Can I say all of it? Haha. But really, I do enjoy each stage immensely. I say it's a tie between the construction process, as I really do love sewing, and seeing everything come together at the con/shoot as to being the best parts of cosplay. There's nothing quite like putting on your costume with wig and full makeup, then seeing your costume come to life in photography. It's a really gratifying feeling and great sense of accomplishment, especially if it was particularly difficult costume.

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