Monday, December 10, 2012

EXCLUSIVE Comic News: Apocalypse! Kang! Uncanny Avengers! New Artist & More.

In a live blog chat at, Associate Editor Ben Morse & Assistant Editor Marc Storm was joined by Rick Remender, Tom Brevoort and more to talk about what is to come in Uncanny Avengers.

  It has been confirmed that there will be a new artist on Uncanny Avengers as of issue # 6. That artist will be Daniel Acuna ... who did a stint on the previous Avengers volume.

"Daniel does beautiful work. He does pencils, inks, colors--the whole package. It's like getting stylized, fully painted art on a regular release schedule." - Tom Brevoort

The new arc will be entitled "Ranarok NOW" which will deal with not the Thor Clone but the actual Norse end of the World. The new story arc will feature Young Thor meeting APOCALYPSE as well as connect ole Blue Lips with Avengers villain, Kang.

  "I wanted to come up with ways to connect Uncanny Avengers to other books in the Marvel Universe. Young Thor from Jason Aaron's Thor: God of Thunder and his axe play a major role in Uncanny Avengers." - Rick Remender

    Apocalypse and Kang, according to Remender, Storm and Morse, will have met during the time in Ancient Egypt and have clear ties to the story.  Young Thor, who was introduced in Jason Aaron's Thor: God of Thunder, will tie into it.

"When Apocalypse first rose, it was during the reign of Rama Tut, Kang's scientific pharaoh persona. They have history. There is more of a relationship than we've seen, but they share a common era of origin." - Tom Brevoort

   There will also be some additions to the roster as Wasp, Wonder Man and former X-Man Sunfire will be joining the Uncanny Avengers in issue #5. All this set up works out as we are promised that Apocalypse's return in these pages has close ties to many members of the team.

"Thor has a big role in Ragnarok, he's deeply involved in the inciting incident, but that doesn't mean every character isn't featured as well. Everybody looks to Wolverine as the guy who has gone after the last Apocalypse and is raising one at his school. There is also plenty of stuff on the table for Havok, Rogue, Scarlet Witch and Sunfire. Every single one of our heroes has somebody involved in this story that gives them a personal context for the fight. . . . Wolverine is also a former Horseman. Sunfire would have been a perfect member of X-Force. He is damaged. Between what Apocalypse did to him, the Marauders, losing his legs...he's been broken. It's similar to where Archangel tried to kill Apocalypse in the first arc of Uncanny X-Force. Sunfire will be presented with a similar situation. Things do not work out well for everybody." - Rick Remender

   And while the story may start in the past, we fast forward to the present where we find Pestilence giving birth to the child she was impregnated with during the Remender's Dark Angel Saga from Uncanny X-Force.  When asked if Evan from Jason Aaron's Wolverine & the X-Men plays a part in the story:

"I don't want to say anything other than that Jason and I are in close contact. We have a conclusion in mind. We might get to it here, we might get to it in a year or two, but we know the end result." - Rick Remender

   And fans who are enjoying Red Skull in this first arc of the Uncanny Avengers, there was some other news:

"Without telling you the end of the first story, we have not seen the end of Red Skull. He will be in Ragnarok Now.     . . I'm in love with villains. This is a chance to put a shine back on three of the greatest villains in comic books period." - Rick Remender

   So to recap, Ragnarok Now will feature Young Apocalypse, Young Thor, Kang, Red Skull and an Uncanny Avengers roster of up to 9 members. Daniel Acuna will now be artist. Ragnarok Now will start in Uncanny Avengers #6 this March.

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