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My Obsession 3: "Heretic" - Soil And Eclipse *Repost*

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“Heretic” -
Soil and Eclipse Review

they put the song on their website)

Soil And Eclipse: Jay Tye and G.W. Childs IV

Hello wonderful people, I just heard a song called Heretic on AOL’s Gothic Radio. It’s from Archetype, and I’ve listened to the album all the way through a few times but for some reason this song didn’t leave an impression on me until now. I don’t know how that’s possible either because holy crap is it dark compared to well… “Whispering Trees” don’t act like you didn’t see that coming. Random fun fact time, although Jay does about 85% of the vocals on the songs, this one features G.W. on the verses and Jay on the choruses and embellishments. I don’t know what embellishments are exactly, but I’ll assume they are the other vocal parts of the song.

It wastes no time in letting you know something’s about to go down, that opening, while subtle, is the audio equivalent of a creepy guy in a dark alley, trench coat and all trying to sell something to some naïve idiot out at the wrong time of night on the wrong side of town.
At first glance, I literally had no idea what was going on with the first verse:
“Father says you say
To start again
There's no redemption here
It never ends”

Someone’s asking their father for forgiveness and the response is that there’s no redemption or forgiveness for whatever this person has done. That’s harsh they really messed up most likely why they’re being called a heretic.  

 If that’s not doom and gloomy enough here’s the second verse:
“There's no love first left
That can save the world
You destroyed long ago
I feel no pain as my head explodes
I won’t let it go”
Revenge song time, that verse just screams revenge on the black sheep of something… that’s currently a mystery to me. The chorus is cool though.

I feel your heart stop
I will be your angel of death
That can guide you to Hell

I won't back down
I won't forget
The promise you made

That first part of the chorus is nothing but an angry held back whisper and it’s eerie as hell. I thought Rudy Ratzinger’s had a tendency to be creepy, the second Heretic is somewhat yelled and it gave me the creeps. This is an angry song and you can hear it all in the forcefulness of the “Heretic.” Good job Jay you’ve convinced me you’re the silent rage type of person and I know to avoid pissing you off. Just kidding but the anger just oozing out of the chorus is insane. 

Right before the third verse starts there’s an amazing little vocalization bit that completely kills the mood but sounds amazing. It doesn’t take me out of the song at all but it’s not angry or forceful like the previous parts of the song. Moving on to verse three:
“There’s no second place
Rest assured
Leave without a trace
Nothings pure”

I don’t have any comments for this verse so onto the next one, verse four:
“There's no shooting star
You can wish on now
That your life's astray
I feel a sense of redemption
And I won't let it go”
I’m not sure who feels the sense of redemption, the heretic or the person punishing the heretic. I would assume the heretic is feeling the redemption and doesn’t want to let it go but then the song just switches views randomly for no real reason. That end of the verse threw everything out the window… not the anger though, the anger is still there but all sense of ‘narration’ is gone. Well there is one more chorus but that’s the same as the previous ones so there’s no need to talk about it again.

Heretic is going as my second favorite song on the album, I don’t know why I didn’t love this before, but I sure do now. 

-Before I officially end the  review, I'm going to explain why Soil and Eclipse does not belong on my Techno Takeover blog. They're not electronic heavy in their songs from Archetype that I end up reviewing. They have elements of it in places and they have a bunch of remixed version of their songs (on that album) that are electronic in nature, but until I review one of those electronic heavy songs, the reviews focusing on the band will be here in the My Obsessions/Guilty pleasures page... until I find a new home for their reviews.-

Seriously if you're not listen to Soil and Eclipse yet go do it you are missing out on epicness by not listening to them. I'm serious, go listen to them now.
From Pugsly

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