Saturday, December 1, 2012


First issue!

We begin with the murder of an angel at the hands of a demon. So bold are the agents of Hell, so convinced of their own dominion over earth, they now feel they can slay angels with impunity. The cold war between heaven and Hell heats up.

In response, the former Archangel Michael goes on his own murderous rampage, taking down a score of demons. In the process he hears of the presence of a fallen demon of sorts here on earth. He hatches a plan that might make good use of her.  Her name is Yae-el. Stripped of her powers, eternal youth and beauty, she is trapped in a prison of ruined flesh and banished to earth.

She is The Adversary.

The Adversary: Reborn is now available at!

Asylum of Horrors #1 and #2 are Now in Print at!

You can get these collections in PDF or full color softcover formats today and more Asylum Press print titles are on the way!

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