Sunday, December 2, 2012

Yugioh Card of the Week: 12/2/12

The holiday times are coming but that doesn't stop me for bringing you the latest Yugioh Card of the Week. This week I will be covering another card used during GX called Cyber Dragon.  This is yet another fan favorite card that all players alike have in their decks.  Cyber Dragon was used by Zane Truesdale in the anime to perform fusion summonings in several different occasions.  In the real card game it can be useful for just about anything.  Its ability to allow you to summon this card when you have no monsters while your opponent has at least one can really help you out a tight squeeze. Not to mention its 2100 atk can give a pretty good advantage over your opponent. This card has also been used in several different tournament level decks so for those who haven't taken a look at this card I'd say check it out.

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