Thursday, January 31, 2013

CoW: Cover of the Week 1/31/13

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #78

Now I've been reading a lot into tarot cards lately; lore and implementation. That's what initially pulled me to this cover. Despite that, this cover reached up and grabbed the GU all on its on. I believe this is the first 'WTF' CoW, because when I look at this cover everything makes me say 'WTF'. Sort of like that random cabaret scene within Xeres tent in 300. There is a girl with her head cut off, a demon chick (which is cool), a chick with the head of a warthog and then there's the center piece  that puts Powergirl to shame. I like it! Poking fun aside, the artwork is awesome. I love the birds in the cover and the skulls lurking in the background of that black tanning rack thing. I like the sticks and skulls constructing the border of it too. Huge kudos to Jim Balent! I'll end with this. After discovering Tarot Witch of the Black Rose I went and looked at some of its other covers. Expect to see TWBR again sometime in the future.

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