Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Impressions: Executive Assistant: Iris # 2 (Vol 3)

Written by David Wohl
Art by Alex Lei & Teodoro Gonzalez
Aspen Comics


            The Executive Extinction Event continues as Iris is trying to track down her one employer, John Wheeler. And unfortunately, it brought her face to face with the Executive Assistant named Rose. Rose & Iris duke it out for a bit  as Iris narrates the fight.
            After Iris finds out where her employer is and who took him, Iris chases after him only to run into more trouble in the form of the Executive Assistant on the cover besides her … Jasmine.


            Lei’s pencils and inks have a kind of zen to them. They are not overly strong inks but they are not weak either. There is a subdued grace with the panels and that works EXTREMELY well for Executive Assistant: Iris. Each panel seemed to flow into the other. Gonzalez’s colors really helped to keep the kinetic zen of the issue with its fast pace, beautiful women and varied scenery.

            Not a single character seemed out of proportion. The Action really flowed on the panels. And the colors really made the issue come to life. Lei has some great pencils and inks here. Very strong. There was only one panel where I was kind of weirded out by the eyes cause of Iris’s angle but otherwise, a really strong issue artistically.


            Wohl definitely hits a sweet spot here. The pacing of this issue was excellent. There was an uncanny flow in this issue that I have not read in many comics. There was this almost larger than life-movie like pacing and scenes going on in this issue. The fights were good and credible … though I want more of Jasmine vs Iris. Iris herself proved to be an extremely interesting character with multiple bosses and loyalties. Her verbal trade with Rose was just a interesting as the physical one.

            The issue did not read fast. It felt like an  I was put into a middle of the movie but I got just enough of it to understand what is going on and want to see the rest of it. Rose was definitely an interesting character that I would personally like to see more of but Iris really shines here. And the plot to the Executive Extinction event seems to be really heating up with this issue showing more Executive Assistants going to war with each other. 

            Wohl delivers good plot, great characters and strong action with a rhythmic pacing that enchants you like your favorite song.


            Executive Assistant: Iris # 2 (Volume 3) delievers an action packed, rhythmic paced story with realized characters and high stakes. The story  continues to climb and fit into the Executive Extinction event while standing on its own strongly. Wohl writes a powerfully melodic issue with Lei & Gonzalez delivering art that fit a live action movie template well.
            Despite the one odd panel, this was a good read and I am looking forward to learning more of this event and what will happen next.


            I give Executive Assistant: Iris # 2 (Volume 3) … a 9 … out of 10. 

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