Saturday, February 9, 2013

Archer and Armstrong #7 review

Archer and Armstrong is getting it's 7th issue released this month! We're back again to see if this series is still as great as previous issues or if it has gone into a lull.

Review by Jeremias de Leon


In this issue the plans of the people who would want to destroy the universe and are Archer and Armstrong's enemies are coming to fruition. As Archer and Armstrong try to deal with that they also try and talk with the new Geomancer and Armstrong's brother. It looks like they realize one thing and that's that there is a bigger fish to fry before handling the problems Armstrong and his brother have. The story moves at a brisk pace in this issue, it moves fast, slightly too fast before you know it the comic has ended when you were expecting to know at least a little more about what's going on.


The art has always been good in this series but in this issue it seems even minor flaws that were apparent with how the characters were drawn are disappearing. It's not very noticeable but there is an improvement from last issue to this one. Character expressions are still done perfectly, especially Armstrong's and the action looks as intense as before.

Just look at Armstrong's face


Archer and Armstrong is still the perfect blend of action and comedy, it leads from tense moments to funny moments and back again seamlessly and it never feels as some of the kids would say "mood whiplash". Besides the story being a bit too quick in pace for my taste, although I love when stories get to the point I felt some things should have allowed some time to digest, this is a fantastic issue. I'd be hard pressed to say this is still below great. I give this issue a 9.5 out of 10.

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