Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Charismagic: The Death Princess # 2 Review

Written by Vince Hernandez
Art by Emilo Lopez, Jocelyn Dunn & Mirka Andolfo
Aspen Comics


            The wizard Kon has returned to this realm to face off against the Death Princess herself, Orlana. Orlana was ruling over a kingdom, bending people to her will except for her love, Serke. We come to find out that Serke was once Kon’s friend and Serke fell for Orlana because her powers don’t work on him.

            Kon started gathering together a group of mystics in order to stop Orlana. Yet, when Kon, Ro, Kentari, Samsun, Eshera & I did not catch the name of the final member. These mages with different kinds of magic all decide to attack Orlana with Kon fashioning a special prison for her. Yet, things do not go well as a battle in the air with flying mire leads to the set up for next issue.


            Emilio Lopez has great energy in this book. The comic book/anime like style really helps bring the characters and this story come to life. It’s simplistic yet detailed enough. The characters were well drawn. The coloring by Lopez, Dunn and Andolfo were good as well. Everyone looked distinct and the shading was done fairly well.

            Which comes to my gripes. Lopez characters are good but the lack of interesting backgrounds was a little bit of a downer. While classic comic book aesthetics work well in this issue, there is far too much of it. There were really very bland areas. And thus, the darkened colors for these areas seemed a bit much. The pencils and inks are strong and the colors good but they were a bit too dark for the issue. It felt that, besides the campfire which Samsun joins Kon’s group, the rest of the books had a bit more darker tones then I expected.

            Visually, the book is good just a bit darker in color tones than I think it should be. And the lack of different backgrounds kind of seemed to work against it slightly but only slightly.

            Still, a good showing by the art team.


            Hernandez does a good job pacing this story while making sure a lot happens in so few pages. From the feel of just this 2nd issue, it looks as if next issue will be the final issue of this miniseries. And while there is a lot that happens, it is still stuff that is entertaining and not forced. The progression is nature. The characters are definitely interesting. Ro is strong and seemingly keeping distances from the others. Eshera wants to avenge something but very loyal to Kon. Kon seems like a good leader and speaker. And I like that when he found that his friend had betrayed him … Kon made only one plea then decided to fight. It was a very realistic reaction to a betrayal, in my opinion.

   The other characters seemed very fun and I’d like to know more of them. Orlana is definitely one villainess that is playing second to no one and I find that fascinating. Her lover is a man who she cannot sway under her power: so his love is real and she respects that … to an extent. And I applaud that. This isn’t a typical villainess by any means. She will take free will cause she feels that it is her right. Yet, she seems grateful to have  a man who loves her truly, since her powers don’t work on him.

            Breezy as the issue is, it is paced well. And it is working towards a strong climax. Just wish there was more time to see more of the other characters. Yet, Hernandez does well working within a confines of a miniseries.


            Charismagic: The Death Princess is a well drawn, well written romp into the realm of fantasy and magic. The characters are interesting with just enough of them that you  want to know more, a spectacular villainess and a strong lead character. The art is good, despite the lack of more backgrounds. And it is a comfortable read that you will want to know what will happen next. 


            I give Charismagic: The Death Princess # 2 a 8.4 out of 10. It was good. It could be great, just need slightly lighter color tones and a bit more time with the other characters. Yet, for it having to be a fast moving story, it was good and I look forward to next issue.

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