Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Impressions: Shadowman # 4

Written by Justin Jordon & Patrick Zircher

Art by Patrick Zircher & Brian Reber
Valiant Comics


            We find outselves a changed Jack Boniface. He has embraced being Shadowman and boy … does he ever kick ass in this issue. We get more behind what and why Dox has those tattoos, the ongoing problem of The Brethen – Darque’s servants on Earth, an interesting use of Mr. Twist and a great final battle between the new Shadowman and Mr. Twist.

            Alyssa, Dox and Jack seem to fight their way through this issue with a couple of twists (haha) at the end.


            I can honestly say this … This is one of the best drawn comic books I have ever laid eyes on. Zircher has continuously delivered in every single panel, line, ink and more when it comes to Shadowman. There is a ghastly vibrant energy with his work on here that you didn’t see as much of in other works. Each panel comes to life. Each scene fills our eyes with mood and tension and excitement.

            Reber’s colors astound alongside Zircher’s pencils and inks. This book feels like a labor of love every time I read it and this issue seemed to just be added with more flair and wonder. The colors fit every panel. The tones matched each character perfectly. Shadowman looked almost regal this issue as our hero accepted his role. And the more you look at this book, the more you love it. This is Zircher’s Magnum Opus and it is worth every last cent you spend of it.


            Jordon and Zircher really build an exciting climax to Jack’s first adventure as the new Shadowman. Darque’s influence is even more imposing with the first real look at the Brethen this issue. The characterizations of Alyssa, Dox, Jack and Master Darque were entertaining.

            The literal twist about Mr. Twist was a welcomed and took me completely by surprise. I loved it. It was very inventive of the writers. Which definitely seem to be a hallmark with this duo; taking normal tropes and making it original and/or different and entertaining. Jordon and Zircher had done that in spades this issue. Jack proves himself ever bit of a badass of a Shadowman that he was hyped up to be and more. And more and more does the book really grab you and just make you want to hold on. The villains you dispise. The heroes you love. Their motivations are interesting and there are character flaws. These all strengthen this book to be one of the best out there.


     BUY THIS BOOK! NOW! Seriously, it is truly one of the best comic books I have ever read in my life … period. This is the type of comic that you will remember for decades. This is the type of story that you will recall with your friends, your significant other and then your children (or even Grandchildren) with glee. This is a book you buy multiple copies of cause you are going to wear it out by reading it so much. This issue makes a firm statement that Shadowman is a hero; he’s here to stay. There are plenty of unanswered questions but that just adds to the appeal of the book.  You dread the coming of Darque. Visually and as a character, you should and will be scared of him.

            And that is the true beauty of Shadowman # 4. It gives you a whole lot with the few pages it has. It closes out a great origin story. Sets up the series and support cast well. Magnificently different villains. And a great lead character who is flawed but interesting and wants to do the right thing. This book DESERVES Awards. This book should be on every person’s shelves.


  I am singing it high praises. It would be insulting to give Shadowman # 4 anything but a 10 out of 10.  Jordon, Zircher & Reber produce one of the greatest comic books of all time. Get on it NOW!

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