Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Impressions: Young Avengers # 1

Young Avengers # 1
Written by Kieron Gillen
Art by Jamie McKelvie, Mike Norton & Matthew Wilson
Marvel Comics


            Sometime time has passed since Children’s Crusade. Yet, the first issue makes things accessible to you with the low down on Wiccan’s powers, what Kate Bishop is doing … more like who. And more of the wackiness with Loki and Miss America, just in time for Wiccan to slightly follow his Mommy, Scarlet Witch’s, foot steps.

            Now, we got some teen love, aliens, magic and one cliffhanger that connects to the original volume of Young Avengers that will make you go “HOLY SHIT!”


            The very style of the panels and pages really works for this new Young Avengers. With some vivid panel work in some pages added to some more classic comic book set up, Young Avengers # 1 really makes a go at it, showing what McKelvie, Norton & Wilson at work. Some pages feel like a trailer to a movie and really quicken the pace yet still fit very well to the scene and overall story in mind.

            McKelvie and Norton deliver solid pencils and inks throughout the entire issue. When the scene fit it, there were more panels which really picked up the pace for the scene. It really fit to what was going on with Kate and Nor-Vahh. It really heightened the experience while reading it.  The art kind of turned me off at first but after reading the issue, it won me over big time.  Aliens looked alien, quiet moments looked real and fantastic moments were just looking awesome. Wilson’s colors really helped bring McKelvie and Norton’s work to life.

            Really solid, clean and exciting work from McKelvie, Norton & Wilson.


            I like Kieron Gillen. Yet, when it was announced that he was taking over as writer for Young Avengers, I got a little scared. Very few writers really did much with the Young Avengers. And while I am overjoyed that they FINALLY are having an ongoing, I was kinda worried about how Gillen was gonna write the book. The previews had me intrigued.

During Young Avengers /runaways Civil War
            This first issue really blew me away. The characters seemed really spot on from  those I came across. Kid Loki is a welcome addition. Miss America was … interesting. And just the opening alone was solid … except for one particular thing I hate about it. Nor-Vahh TORTURED several members of the Young Avengers in the past? WHAT THE HELL IS KATE DOING SLEEPING WITH HIM?! 

            Yes. I got a reaction. A very intense reaction. That is the one, major problem I have with this. Nor-Vahh TORTURED them. And I am all for forgiveness and what not but the Young Avengers have no really had any screen time with Nor-Vahh in quite a while. And NOW … Kate is just sleeping with him?  Huh? 

            Well, maybe this will be explained. Still, Gillen does a great job with the rest of the issue and leaves with a perfect cliffhanger.


            A good, not great first issue. Honestly, besides the whole Nor-Vahh thing, this was great first issue. The action was fast and furious. The character exchanges, save for the first one, seem really in character. Visually, the book has it’s own sense of style that I am sure will continue forward. I really look forward to more. If it was not for my one major grip, this issue would have gotten a perfect score. Still, it is entertain, fresh and enjoyable.


            I give Young Avengers # 1 a 7.5 out of 10. Seriously, the Nor-Vahh thing just erked me too much to make it an 8 or 9.  Still, I look forward to this Young Avengers team.

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