Thursday, February 7, 2013

Laid Back Comics: Fearless Defenders #1

There was a time I wasn't sure how I could approach this title, you see When The Defenders title was canceled not too long ago I was a bit sad by it going. I Then saw this title pop up with the Marvel Now I crossed my arms and seemed to grumble at how this somehow might been the reason behind why the other was cancelled, like there couldn't be two ‘Defender’ titles out. After coming to the notion that idea was completely dumb I warmed up to Fearless coming in based on the first two characters showcased in Misty Knight and Valkyrie. Two characters that have been supporting roles in other books I have enjoyed so be reasonable the same will happen here.

The story is pretty much standalone so far, there is no lead in with other titles. It is a sight forward threat is being made and this group will have to be formed and face off with whatever it may be. Now the characters of Misty Knight and Valkyrie have two very different backgrounds and often face off with very different threats. Cullen Bunn knows this and actually plays around with the idea for some fun moments. For Misty, you first see her taking on some artifact smuggler somewhere on ocean which is something that she seemed just run of the mill for her to do. That is until rocket launchers are pulled out and used against her.

And while the smugglers did get away Misty did manage to bring back something for her friend and new character to the book in Dr. Annabelle Riggs an archaeologist who unknowingly reveals a secret that the artifact Misty brought back can raise the dead. And now Misty is facing off with several undead Vikings. And this of course brings Valkyrie into the book proper.

The opening book is very action oriented with just brief moments of exposition in between to give it a good breath before diving into undead bashing. I wouldn't call these things zombies just reanimated bones. This all seems to lead back to Valkyrie and the release of the Doommaidens rising. So in the opener of the series we get not only introduction of three main characters so far, but also the threat in a well-paced fun opening issue.

The art work though while looking well and nice, also carried with it the stigma of the female form that has been traveling around for a while now. Meaning there are moments you title your head and go that cannot be good for the spine. There was major fear with that as the series was first announced and it is a trend that we do see in the book.

The other major aspect of the book and one that got many headlines is this is an All-Female book, the first of Marvel NOW, and what was first thought of as just an all-female team, the book actually takes the All-Female to everything. Main cast is not only all female it looks as if the threat is as well with the Doommaidens. So in essence we are getting more than just a team, it could be an almost All-Female book period.

In the end the book is fun start to this new series that already has two very strong leads and is looking to expand on as the first arc continues, it is one of the better new books debuted under the Marvel NOW banner.

OVERALL: 7.5 out of 10

Bryan "BAC" Clendening is a comic book reviewer and sometimes video producer. You can follow him on Twitter Here.

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