Monday, February 4, 2013

Princeless Vol 2-1 and 2

Jeremy Whitley's Princeless continues and we're here on TheBrokenInfinite to review it. Since we didn't review volume 2 issue 1 before this is going to review both issue 1 and issue 1 and 2. I suggest reading my review of volume 1 if you haven't already. As this review is going to assume the previous volume was read and I won't go into as much detail as I did in that review. Anyway, here we go into volume 2 of Princeless! Remember this is covering both issues 1 and 2.

Review by Jeremias de Leon

Issue 1:


Adrienne and Bedelia continue on their quest and Adrienne's father starts to amp up his efforts to go after the knight he believed captured his daughter not knowing that his daughter actually freed herself. Any more and I believe I'd be spoiling it. The story in this issue moves at a brisk pace. Nothing feels like it's dragging on but it never goes too fast and the scenes don't end without leaving out anything that's important. This issue has plenty of nice action moments, not fighting, but it is action and that also helps to keep you glued to this issue and not get bored.


You get to learn more about the people of the world that aren't from the royal family that Adrienne is a part of and it's pretty nice. Character interactions are still top notch, like in the previous volume they still act believable and a lot of the enjoyment comes from the things they say to each other on top of the action. I'll give this issue a 9 out of 10

Issue 2:


This issue brings up some mysteries that are quite intriguing. Adrienne has a dream that puts her into the shoes of someone else, and something has happened to her mother but it isn't clear exactly what happened and why. We also see some fighting in this issue not just in Adrienne's dream but in the story, which help keeps things entertaining. You'll also see the king, Adrienne's father is not one to be trifled with apparently.


This issue picks up in quite a different way than the previous one and it's a pretty good move to do that. It definitely keeps the reader entertained with having some fighting be shown. Getting backstory on the king and showing his skills is great and I'm certain will be very important down the road. Everything shown and said in Princeless is shown for a reason and with what's going on so far it seems to be a pretty good reason. The bits of mystery with the queen, Adrienne's mother and the dream she had involving the Black Knight also are done very well and definitely finish the job of hooking you in and making you want to find out what's going to happen next. I wholeheartedly give this issue a 9.5 out of 10

Princeless is still going strong and doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon, it's highly enjoyable and it's something that younger readers can enjoy just as much as older readers and that's special.

One final thing before leaving is the...


In volume 2 the artist has changed and it's a noticeable difference. Unlike the previous volume where the characters seem more cartoon like, but still fantastic and charming. This volume has an artist where they are more on the side of realism with the character looking more like normally proportioned humans, but it too is still charming. Facial expressions are done magnificently and the designs of the characters still stand out with their own distinct flairs. Also each character has this, I don't quite know how to describe, this "fantasy wisp" to their look that is such a perfect style for this book.

So again volume 1 and 2 both are different but both are great.

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