Sunday, February 10, 2013

The top five webcomics by Jake Estrada

Hello folks. It’s been a while since I’ve written a post for BI. I’ve been tolling away on my art table drawing, but today I decided to help out a few quality webcomics I've mentioned before. Here are the top five webcomics, you should be READING!

5. XTIN: The Dragon’s Dreamworld

This story for this webcomic is very dark, twisted and original to say the least. The artwork is beautiful, filled with fantasy, sci-fi, and S&M. The figure work is very lush and precious. The story is original and very fresh. Once you start reading the story you will be hooked because it is very easy and you won’t stopping until the last published page. If you haven’t check out the story, you need to do so you won’t be sorry.


This webcomic has it all, froom the romance, action and great storylines. This is a very action packed comic, that has top notch writing from Jon Del Arroz, and fantastic art from Jethro Morales. The webcomic has a very polished feel to it, and makes for a great read. The book is so easy and causal, it makes you smile when reading. To me quite honestly it is better then reading a Marvel or DC comic these days.  So check it out or be square.


The creator of this book has a great sense of design, knows how to draw in the reader and build up the suspect until the story erupts into complete mayhem. The book is a slow read in the very beginning as he burns away on pages, fleshing out the universe he is craft to finally have the entire book explode in chaos and seeing how all the characters are against impossible odds only has the reader root for these characters to get out of their issues alive. You can feel the intensity and raw emotion behind these charactrers. So if you crave drama, horror and deep rooted mystery then you need to give this book a change as it has a nice touch humor and horror in the mix. Go read here.


The books art is very rich, has a moody background and the story pulls in the reader. The book is beautifully crafted and I enjoy it immensely. The art is black and white and the writing is top notch. You must read this book.


Now this is my number one choice. This book has sensational storytelling. It is a rich history of characters, it has a sense of quality to it and it never fails. You are shown all the heroes as they go out of their way to throttle evil at all cost. You are taken on a wonderful rollercoaster ride. So I suggest this story too must be on your list of must read webcomics.

Enjoy folks!

Jake Estrada

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