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Toku 101 : Go-Busters - Evil Megazords & French Speaking Villains

 Known in my comic book circles as Frankie Rodriguez, I am aptly known on the internet as Seraph. and What am I starting out with here ... why Japanese Power Rangers! OF COURSE!!

  In all seriously, as the main host of Morphin Bracers (tokusatsu news show), I learn all sorts of stuff about tokusatsu. I love Power Rangers. I love Super Sentai; which Power Rangers derived from. I love Kamen Rider, some Ultraman and other tokusatsu like Gransazer, Garo and more.

  Now, the current super sentai, Tokumei Sentai Go Busters (aka Special Forces Task Force Go Busters), has been on for several months now. Since that time, we were introduced to our future ...  present ....*shrugs*

   There is a new energy source called Enertron . .. I know, I know, Transformers anyone! And Enertron has replaced gas as one of the main sources of energy on Earth. And an organization from another dimension called Vaglass wants it. Vaglass, lead by the mysterious Messiah (who looks like something from Tron), sends out is general, the evil French speaking villain Enter, to gather Enertron so he can summon both Metaroids (evil human sized robots) and Megazords (giant robots modified to match their Metaroid counterpart). I am not kidding. They are called Megazords. Yep. They took the name from Power Rangers. But considering that the suits, vehicles and even at times, storylines are taken from Super Sentai, I think Super Sentai has the right to use the name. The Megazords attack by classes: Alpha, Beta, Gamma ... and the recently revealed Delta.

  Meanwhile, we have your heroes ... Go Busters. As part of a full organization, The Go Busters stop Vaglass and all their attacks while plotting to one day end Messiah. Now, what is special about the Go Busters is that they all have civilian powers. How they get those powers are explained in Episode 2. But along with their civilian powers, they each have Buddyroids. 3 out of the 4 Buddyroids are used as main steering consoles for their mecha, the Buster Machines. Let's go down all 5 current Go Busters:

Red Buster - Hiromu   Age: 20
Buddyroid: Nick 
   Red Buster is very outspoken at times. He's blunt. And while you would think his origin would make him emo, it doesn't. It makes him determined to fight Vaglass. He pushes himself hard cause he promises to get everyone back who was teleported to hyperspace 13 years ago. Nick is more kind hearted, looking after Hiromu when he's a bit harsh but ... for a robot that transforms into a motorcycle, he has a BAD sense of direction.

Blue Buster - Ryuuji   Age: 28
Buddyroid: Gorusaki 
   Blue Buster is technically the oldest (explain later) and his the fatherly/big brother figure to both Hiromu and Yoko (Yellow Buster). He had dreams of being an engineer till his sempai (mentor) was one of the people transported when Messiah first appeared 13 years ago. Now, he seemingly shares leadership with Red Buster and fights Vaglass. Gorusaki is probably the kindest of the Buddyroids. He does his best to be close with Ryuuji as well as is often sensitive at times. Yet, he is fiercely loyal.

Yellow Buster - Yoko  Age: 16
 Buddyroid: Usada
   Yellow Buster is the youngest of the team and at times, she's a bit bratty. Yet, she is skillfully trained. She has a deep respect for Ryuuji while having an almost brother/sister relationship with Hiromu. She fights hard and can act very mature for a girl her age. Usada is ... well, a smart ass at times who loves Yoko. But the two are prone to argue. Usada loves to chime in his thoughts, even when not wanted but still, overall, really does love Yoko.

Beet Buster - Jin  Age: 27 (40)
Buddyroid: look at Stag Buster

   Jin is, by far, one of the most manipulative yet brilliant warriors in Sentai history. He is a genius who acts irresponsibly at times. He is very glamorous with his look. And there are times where you can say he acts a bit ... feminine. But he is a fierce warrior. Any agenda he has, he will make sure it is carried out. But he has a style about how he does things. To his suit, his actions .. . to even his mecha, Beet Buster is annoying, fun and downright brilliant.

Stag Buster - Beet J. Stag
He IS a Buddyroid
   Unlike the rest of the Buddyroids, Beet is not a main console. Instead, we have our first, full fledge robot ranger in Sentai history. (Sentai History. DO NOT mention PR Operation Overdrive) He is greedy when it comes to his want for Enertron and he likes to fight. He tries to show off but is stopped by Beet Buster quickly enough. Still, Beet wants to fight to save . ...oh no. That would be telling.

Don't believe me? Here's a taste of Go Busters with Episode 16. It tells you what you need to know, all in one episode.

TSG-BUSTER 16 OT toku-central by Manuel_Delgado_2

Still, there is plenty of more ground to cover with the Go Busters. More on this in part two of my look at Go Busters.

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